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Defunct E3 to be reborn as E for All

Written by Dave Horvath @ 06 Jan 2007 11:26 User comments (8)

Defunct E3 to be reborn as E for All News from the IDG World Expo came in on Friday announcing the replacement for what was one of the biggest video game expositions in the world, E3. Planned to kick off its first annual show on October 18th of this year, E for All or Entertainment for All, promises to bring a better show to the video game industry.
IDG World Expo has already created an E for All website and encourages visitors to visit and learn about the E3 replacement and advices everything that registration will begin in the Spring. The venue will remain the same, the Los Angeles Convention Center.

IDG World Expo stated that the show will allow consumers to "test-drive the latest in games and gadgetry, as well as purchase products they enjoyed." Many events are already in the works for this year's show such as a concert playing video game music, tournaments with some of the hottest games on the market, a job fair and many other family friendly events. They've planned so many things that they have decided to expand the show into the LA Live arena, directly connected to the LA Convention Center.

E3, which was decided to end in August of 2006 faced many complaints from industry leaders that the show had grown too large for its own good. Plans were in the works to allow a much smaller show to take place for only those who were high-level media and developers. In November of 2006, that idea was scrapped and the E for All ideals took shape. Offer a venue where consumers can truly enjoy the newest and developing products in the video game industry. Now geared as more of a consumer-oriented even instead of an industry expo, E for All appears to be quite a good thing for video game consumers.


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8 user comments

16.1.2007 14:23

So i'm assuming, its for the public now?.

26.1.2007 15:00

that would be awesome if it was i hope someone can clarify for us

36.1.2007 15:09

correction to my last post i was just reading on ign this is going to be open to the public and they will have like a whole thing with job offerings and experianceing the new stuff, and its going to be like a family thing. it seems to me they are taking a more consumer oriented approach

46.1.2007 19:11

I need to find the link I was reading ealier. According to what it said, it will cost $100.00 to attend.

66.1.2007 23:11

wtf? 100 dollars to attend? ah well, dont have that kind of money (i dont have a job lol) and dont live in l.a. (4hrs away to be exact)

77.1.2007 10:48

lol yea i think the price might be a lil high to just make sure you get the people who are really into this whole think than just the normal people who are just trying to find something to do that weekend as well as keep the attendence low so that the people who do want to test things out and stuff dont need to wait that long, thats just my opinion though

88.1.2007 22:58

So am i assuming that this is a world thing. Will their be one in OZ??

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