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Verizon to offer TV shows on mobile phones

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Jan 2007 3:34 User comments (3)

Verizon to offer TV shows on mobile phones Verizon Wireless is expected to announce it will begin offering content from major U.S. television networks to mobile phone users. According to the New York Times, citing "people apprised of the deal," the service should be available in the United States around March this year. It is reported to consist of 8 channels and will include content from NBC, CBS, Fox and MTV, with reported interest from ESPN.
Like Apple's TV show sales on iTunes, content would be available to subscribers shortly after it first airs on TV. To offer the service, Verizon is teaming up with Qualcomm subsidiary MediaFLO U.S.A. MediaFLO has developed technology to transmit high resolution video content through its own network.

MediaFLO is also reportedly in talks to offer TV shows through other wireless phone companies. The media companies would receive fees from consumer subscriptions to the service. The programs would be among the first full-length television shows to be offered to cellular subscribers in the United States.


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3 user comments

18.1.2007 10:18

Well it looks like this will not affect me for quite some time. Seeing that Verizon does not even have the EVDO network in my state. Nor is it projected to be here any time soon.

28.1.2007 22:38

I don't see how this feature would be good on mobile phones. Screens are too small to watch my fav show on.

39.1.2007 7:45

It seems like Verizon is slowly becoming a monopoly. They control so much in my area it's insane.

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