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Samsung to offer wireless plasma TV

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Jan 2007 15:47 User comments (7)

Samsung to offer wireless plasma TV Samsung Electronics will soon offer a plasma TV that swaps data wirelessly with set-top boxes and PCs. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the focus is on wireless technology more than ever. Bridging the gap between PC equipment and TV sets is the focus of many new products from giants like Apple and Microsoft, which will rely on wireless technology to transmit data.
Samsung chose the 802.11n wireless standard, but didn't rule out adopting other standards based on HDMI or 802.11a or even powerline networking. The company will also offer new 120hz LCD TVs, putting the emphasis on crisper and smoother picture.


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7 user comments

17.1.2007 16:09

Well there's a slew of the same type of product being talked about in the news on this site! I have to say, it'd be the best to have this stuff programmed right into the TV. Why buy a whole new box to set in the entertainment area? The only thing about these new types of "wifi in me" devices is that it kinda creeps me out. Suddenly, all your appliances are connected to the internet. What if my TV gets a virus? Madly enough I see this going further... Wifi in my toaster so I can make toast from my bed room type of thing. Ick. And yet cool. Stick a stereo on that baby and got wirelessly streamed cookin' tunes! Also, having wireless devices around your house, does this finally make a reason for closing my wifi? I don't want someone hacking my toaster and preventing my toasted pb and j. Just my thoughts >_> --Moomoo2

27.1.2007 17:53

And how much will this cost...$10K and up??

37.1.2007 23:14

And how much will this cost...$10K and up??
At first, but so does everything else that is new technology. Remember what just plain lcd's cost few years back?

48.1.2007 5:03

You've got to wonder....with more and more wireless transmitting, more devices, higher frequencies...etc....that we eventually could end up sort "cooking" our brains. They currently claim that holding a cell phone to your head too long can cause damage to your brain. Use a head set...they say. I think that too many wireless signals are going to be introduced and more and more people are going go have headaches turned to migrains...etc.... will be a weapon. Point...aim...and wirelessly wipe your memory. Who knows... Maybe i'll should stop drinking ? ? ? Wireless is not good for everything. We are making ourselves too lazy. Our kids will not know what "real" work is...

58.1.2007 10:08

well, there is a group of ppl in the UK who claim that Wireless networks make them feel weak, nauseous and sleepless. However, mobile phones emit much more powerful signals than WiFi.

69.1.2007 0:01

I like wireless but it can be a pain sometimes when you loose connection and things like that :)

712.1.2007 21:17

@ MightyOne qte: Maybe i'll should stop drinking ? ? ? or refill your anti-psychotic prescription for your delusional thinking... hahaha j/k ;-)

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