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Philips looking to immerse you in your TV experience

Written by Dave Horvath @ 08 Jan 2007 5:07 User comments (2)

Philips looking to immerse you in your TV experience Europe's largest electronics maker, Philips Electronics NV unveiled a slew of home theater goodies aimed at making your TV watching experience a full immersion experience.
One ambitious product is their single speaker surround sound option. Tagged with a retail price of $999, the single ambient speaker from Philips is said to produce booming surround sound without the need for multi-speaker setups.

Also showed off at the CES show were a few "Ambilight" flat panel televisions which cast light on the wall behind them depending on whatever color is showing on the television screen. This amBX system has been shown before but Philips seems to be integrating this into more of their product line.

And possibly the most innovated product in their CES display is the wireless HDMI hub. Broadcasing in Ultrawideband high speed radio standard it will effectively free home theaters of the confines of cables. Usually 2 meters is all you've got to work with when standard cables are employed, however this wireless hub will allow you to stream your media throughout your house, giving you various options for device installation.

Finally, billed at a mere $149 has unveiled its latest DVD effort that has a built in iPod video docking station. Philips claims to be the first to provide a DVD player capable of streaming your iPod content onto your television via a DVD player.


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2 user comments

19.1.2007 0:13

I've always liked Phillips and their TV's are not that bad better than LG in my opinion.

213.1.2007 2:58

I've had 3 of their DVD players/burners over the years.( bought 1,2 were gifts). All 3 were POS. Won't go near them again.

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