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ADS offers video conversion on the go

Written by Dave Horvath @ 15 Jan 2007 6:32 User comments (9)

ADS offers video conversion on the go When you think of video conversion for your iPod or your PSP, you often think of one of the many available software solutions to do the job for you. The thought of a portable hardware device doing the job in a quarter of the time is often not at the forefront of your mind. The company ADS Tech is hoping to change your mind.
Announced for $79.99 is the "industry's first hardware-based H.264 conversion solution for PCs" all in a nice small USB flash drive package. ADS, with their Instant Video To-Go states its newest USB drive will convert MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, RM, JPG, TIFF, and MTP, via a two-step procedure to get your videos ready to play on your personal media player. ADS claims the device can take a 100 minute MPEG2/VOB file and convert it into a 320 x 240 H.264 file in approximately 20 minutes. If this device works as well as they claim, that could be a handy little gadget to keep around.

The ADS Instant Video To-Go should be available right now on their website right now for a retail price under $80.


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9 user comments

115.1.2007 6:35

way cool. A little pricey tho.

215.1.2007 7:06

Ok so this is not a USB drive its a hardware thingy that helps converts files....the trouble is....4GB worth of H.264 from any format could take 6-12 hours ,IE over night......can you say waste of money.....

315.1.2007 7:07

I got one and would mot reccommend it, didn't see any difference in speed and the software is crap

415.1.2007 9:22

Different but I would not Buy it. It's just to pricey and like sharp1977 said, it's slow!

515.1.2007 17:11

i think i'll stick to the free software.

619.1.2007 19:36

Pretty nice little nifty gadget there. it will be $A160 for me so I will wait for it to come down. But am not sure what exactly i will do with it.

719.1.2007 23:23

borhan9 it dosent work tho,altho if you must look up reviews of it on the net first.

819.1.2007 23:34

@Zippydsm It doesn't work?? Please explain??

919.1.2007 23:45

borhan9 So your sayign you don't do alittle checking before you buy something? I can convert a whole DVD9 into anything in under 50min I have a 2.2cpu adm 3700 and 512mb ramm,unless you have a older PC you don't really need this bobble to encode stuff with. Alltho if it can coherently aid encoding it might be worth 30-40 but as it stands your probably better off with media coder a free video conversion tool for handling anything but dvds,

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