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PS3 sees worst sales week since launch

Written by Dave Horvath @ 19 Jan 2007 6:35 User comments (89)

PS3 sees worst sales week since launch Published from Media Create, reports show that Sony's Playstation 3 console has shown a sharp decline in sales and had its worst week since its launch in Japan.
Media Create published a report showing Sony only selling some 25,531 units for the week of January 14. Although, Media Create also reports that the entire console sales for that week were relatively poor. Total sale of all three consoles including the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii is estimated at 128,274 units which accounts for the lowest week since Nintendo entered the race on December 2nd. Individually, the Wii sold 93,708 units during the same week, while Microsoft managed to sell 9,035 of their year old consoles. Microsoft's surge in Xbox 360 sales can be attributed in part to the Japanese release of Blue Dragon bundled with the console.

Sony representatives replied to the report saying that Sony had shipped 1 million PS3 units to Japanese shelves on January 16, therefore the numbers do not reflect accurate information. There is a stark contrast between 25k units and 1 million units actually sold. Media Create backs up its data by saying they collect data from over 3,000 shops around Japan and extrapolate their data based on their findings as nationwide figures.


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89 user comments

119.1.2007 6:47

the first of many disapointments for sony and the PS3! but of course a sony rep insists they put a million units on the shelf.

219.1.2007 7:12

Being outsold by the Wii in Japan has got to be a blow (so that's everywhere now, huh?).

I suppose a post-Christmas dip is inevitable but we are talking Japan and hardly a 'Christian country'.

They can talk about shipping all they like but everybody knows all this talk about numbers shipped is just their way of avoiding talk about numbers actually sold.

I expect them to ship a lot more when it comes to the Euro, British and Irish launches too.

.....and, at the price they're going to be charging, for sales to be very poor (after the inevitable short fanboy rush) here as well.

Interesting that the global trend is so obvious and apparent even in their 'home market'.

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319.1.2007 7:47

hughjars make one think they should have left Link alone that would have sold some US/Jp consoles world wide....frankly...I hope SOny is hurt badly from this...maybe they will gain some consumer friendly inspiration and become a better corperation........oh well its just a pipe dream...

419.1.2007 7:51

It'll be interesting to see how they go with this, financially large parts of Sony are not in good shape. Obviously responding to the customer is the way ouy.....they're clearly stuck in a hole, the question is will they be brave enough to stop digging? Before this mess goes too far, Blu-ray-less PS3 anyone?

519.1.2007 7:59

hughjars they could but then all games in dev would have to be changed,they need to own up adjust some prices and deal with the mess at hand.

619.1.2007 8:00

Kinda puts a damper in there 75 Million units by 2010 predictions doesn't it.

719.1.2007 8:01

I doubt we'll ever see a PS3 w/out Blue-ray, also, I think the bad sales numbers are just a combination of post holidays + no new game releases (I think xmas is celebrated in Japan, just differently than us/uk, but still w/ presents, but not 100% sure on that). Looks like the next wave of games will be starting around mid Feb.

819.1.2007 8:14

Ok tell me whats wrong with them breaking the console in parts

Core with 20GB HD,BR,USB,ethernet:350

card reader:50
Card reader with PS"X" mem card support 80
wi fi:50
HDMI port:180
Official PS3 60 GB HDD 80$
Official PS3 200 GB HDD 120$

a "complete" system is 580 there are ways to amke the same amount of money off it and what you gain from selling it a bit cheaper makes up for the loss.

tell me please tell me wheres the lsoe in this approach?

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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919.1.2007 8:24

you gotta pay people to put it together... you gotta pay other people to ship it... u gotta pay other people for tons of other reasons... u dont just pay for the parts and thats it.

1019.1.2007 8:28

Not what I ment,and the HDMI port is a simple removable thing or cable add on that can enable HDMI fully.

the Card reader is another thing that just slides and out....same for the wi fi all neat and streamed lined of coarse this would be before they released it but this is how they should ahve made it.

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Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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1119.1.2007 9:03

Sony is in a bad way. They keep shipping out PS3's but no ones buying.

1219.1.2007 9:57

haha yeah cause they blow big ones!

1319.1.2007 9:58

yea check this i went to my local wal-mart and best buy and they had like 4 or 5 at each its pretty funny....guess no one can talk smack about 360's any more.

1419.1.2007 10:00

also i know someone is goin to say they shipped too many but cmon there is alot of people that supposedly wanted one and i know my friend got one snd he took it back caus eit really wasnt worth a 600$ paycheck.....only thing ok with it that i find usefull is the Blu-ray player.....someone is goin to try to write back and dis me....but this is my opinion.

1519.1.2007 10:16

xBMODSx and the 360 is sooooo much better being a hodge podge of a system in bad need of a HD upgrade? it more games bu only 2 or 3 of witch that are worth playing and not PC ports. the PS3 is a joke the price hurting it the most. both systems are in bad need of maturing and games,the WII beats the pants off them on price alone. but still I am not ready to jump head frist into enw consoles blagh

1619.1.2007 10:33

This is all Sony fault. The whole price to get a playstation 3 for $599 is too expensive. With only about ten games, only 3 that at actually good, it will be hard to sell the hardware. I am a playstation fan but the price is expensive and unreasonable. If anyone is going to state that it was because of the blue ray disk drive, I really don't care much about the blue ray disc

1719.1.2007 10:43

Keep in mind that is just for Japan, where the 360 is not too popular. But with those figures PS3 is selling less than 3 to 1 over xbox360, which is great news for Microsoft.

1819.1.2007 11:46

Being outsold by the Wii in Japan has got to be a blow (so that's everywhere now, huh?).
Its true, for both Sony and Microsoft, its gotta suck. The Wii has out sold the PS3 almost 4:1 according to here are the current standings: XBox 360: 10,202,419 PS3: 1,137,219 Wii: 3,987,984 Its not quite a 4:1 margin (PS3 vs Wii) but its getting close. The PS3 is not a bad system but, its a little high priced for most gamers. I have never been a fan of the Sony series, or else I probably would get a PS3. I have a 360 and am getting a Wii, but I personally wouldn't spend $600 on any console (the $500 PS3 isn't worth it in my opinion you have to get the $600 version for it to be worth it and again in my opinion thats a bit too much.

1919.1.2007 12:38

With Halo 3 coming soon, GTA 4 releasing on on 360 and PS3 at the same time and IPTV for the 360 coming by late fall 2007. I think more people will be buying the Xbox 360, making the sales for the PS3 even worse. Instead of Sony relying on Blu-ray they should try and do some other things to catch peoples attention. Like taking $200 off the price. And are those current standings accurate? I was reading something about 10.4 million sold, not that 200,000 will make that big of a difference.

2019.1.2007 16:09

Sony is in a bind. They are already taking a loss on the blue ray player. They really cannot afford to "discount" it any more. But if they don't then they will be bypassed by cheaper systems.....they are in a catch matter what they do, they really don't come out on top. I am glad, because mabye they will not be so high and mighty and realize that there IS competition now that the wii and 360 are here. I have also not been too keen on Sony since the whole rootkit fiasco. It just seems that they have lost their edge.

2119.1.2007 17:57

yea right 1 million units i dont buy this you have to release that in japan things cost a heck of a lot more then in the us so why would japanese gamers fork out nearly 900.00 u.s.a for a ps3 when they can get a wii or 360 for only 300.00 u.s.a kinda funny when you think about it also why would they purchase eaither when they can just hack the 360 and use any backups thy want

2219.1.2007 20:42

You know what the problem is?? It is that Sony has lost or is loosing the war against Nintendo the least of their threats they expected. And now that the tables have turned they are BS all over the place and not blaming themselves.

2319.1.2007 21:52

Nintendo is selling so well because they have Zelda as a a launch title. Microsoft is selling because Gears of War is getting so much good publicity. The only thing that Sony has going for it right now is Resistance. Bit of a difference in games there. Now if Final Fantasy 13 or Metal Gear Solid were launch titles or were released slightly after launch the number were be way different, and they will rapidly change when some big name games, or some new games that are good (God of War like) the numbers will change.

2419.1.2007 23:01

Duah!!! The Expansion "Burning Crusade" for World of Warcraft came out the 16th there are over 8 million subscribers, that is why sales where down for everyone this week! dip shits! didn't even mention pc game market!

2519.1.2007 23:13

I dont get the whole droolings over Zelda its a Game cube game that had a special ed made for the WII....thats only helping it a bit whats enabling the WII to sell is the control scheme and the price. ripxrush I'll mention the PC game market all I want MS first stole PC games to make into Xbox only and now they have to make 360 games into PC games in order to make a profit off them so meh!

2619.1.2007 23:27

what i ment by they didnt mention the pc game market was that did they take a look @ rising sales in another market? like.... Its like saying that all the car companys experienced a bad year especialy 1 particular company, so do u just think that everyone stoped driving ? Or did someone fail to mention that Mas transit had jumped in its popularity? (not that that will ever happen just an example) they looked @ what went down but didnt look or report a corosponding raise in another entertainment sales! YES i cant type/spell worth shit i know!

2719.1.2007 23:30

ripxrush my bad I thought you were dissing the PC game market :P And don't worry about incoherance they have yet to kick me out :P altho no name calling or being overly rude so better fix your post ASAP before a pissy mod comes and nukes you ^^

2820.1.2007 5:46

You all sound like a bunch of kids. Making comment's such as: PS3 is going to lose this one. Xbox is going to lose. Wii is better then both of them and they are selling more units then PS3. 360 is better then PS3. PS3 is better then 360. Or PS3 sucks! Personally I can understand why some people love the Wii. It is because it is made for the younger generation and some parents aren't willing to fork out $400-$600. I just think Nintendo's main consumers are young kids. Since that is the case they make more games for younger folks. As far as innovation Nintendo did good in that category. But this is 2007 and they need to upgrade the graphics. I have both 360 and PS3 and I think they both have something that is worth buying.C'mon grow up!

2920.1.2007 6:04

tru003 the WII is for "families" the PS3/360 are for Casual Gamers and media cneter enthusiasties,sayign the WII is for kids is to fail to understand why its selling so everyone loves the new control scheme. Sony is in bad shape from money losses to anti consumer activities across the board if they don't do soemthign it might be the end for them,of coarse they can wing it and get by by the skin of their teeth,witch I think they will,frankly I hope they fry and are replaced by a more competent consumer friendly entity. Stop and think abotu this if Sony released the PS3 in a upgradeable format meaning you can get a core system minus wi fi,hdmi,and wireless pads for sell it for 350 they would have not only been able to lay a foundation for BR movies but the BR format itself as well as the games for the PS3. As it is now the PS3 dose nothign for them but lose them money because everything from BR to the PS3 itself has been mishandled.. And yes the 360 is in the same boat as the PS3 however they have finally made it out to sea the ship is in piss poor shape but is moving the PS3 is dead in the water and is being pushed along,it will get a jump start when flagship games come out however if the price is not lowered they will not sale enough if they lower the price they might not make a profit at all.

3020.1.2007 6:15

ZIppyDSM Did you miss the part about Nintendo's innovation? I give them credit on the controller even it's not enough to bring my interest. Prime example "Mario". How many games are they going to put out that includes Mario? I still believe it is made for the youger consumers.

3120.1.2007 6:25

tru003 :P ^^ I look at games in terms of fun and depth,Mario can be a great game but the last main mario title was lacking and it was not the fault of the gameplay like mario 64 the levels were off and the jumping zone levels in sunshine are out of place devastating the game itself,Zelda has seen better games but even WW is passable Nintendo has managed to keep some for of quality in most of its games,while 70% of devs fall into trend and fluff to sale a game gameplay and game control has been devastated. I am not saying nintendo is perfect looking at the WII its going to have trouble keeping up if they fail to do soemthign about the shear lack of detail and polish games lack now adays they will become a gimmicky kids they should be for forgetting a game is built around play and control of a game.... as for PS3 and 360 the 360 is doing ok the PS3 is having a bad start mostly because of price and lack of games.

3220.1.2007 6:48

ZIppyDSM I guess we are pretty much on the same page. It's fact that people get all aroused over the hype that surrounds the wii. I think it is just hype and that's that. Anyway it's good talking to you.

3320.1.2007 7:03

tru003 correction the PS3 is over hyped. the WII is what is and if it fails to bring back game play it will lose the most,the PS3 and 360 dont need to focus on games as they have fluff(anythign that is not gaming=fluff also T&A can be considered fluff as well.) to distract the audience with.

3420.1.2007 8:55

It reminds me of when i bought the 3DO and i promise to myself to never buy another console over $300

3520.1.2007 13:24

The ps3 is the best all around console,but $600.00 is high and lets face it the wii is for kids and sure it may have a couple games that are cool like Zelda and for the money it's a great buy, more so if you have kids. The xbox360 is great too, but lacks in some areas.I am a ps3 fan for life and I'll be the first one to say the only way Sony is going to start selling a lot of consoles is to drop the price to $450 us dollars that's for the (60gb)or someone learns out how to hack it so you can play burned games,just like the xbox360.There is a reason why the xbox360 sold over 10 million and why I would buy it over the wii and the ps3 and it's not the price because if you can buy a xbox360 you can pay the 600 for the ps3,but not when you can play burned games and the xbox360, that's just my $.02

3620.1.2007 13:44

Decon954 ya the reason the 360 has sold 10mil is because tis been out more than a ear and had to replace allot of its launch consoles....

3720.1.2007 14:13

i totally agree. sony has been rushing to get this "evolution gaming system" out, and now they just blow because of all the flaws, the only good system made was psp, and it cant even handle homebrew

3820.1.2007 14:23

ethernet ya the PSP is so great the gimmiky DS is killing it,the PS3 is only a evolution in media not gaming. while the PSP a great media device it lacks as a portable gaming device,the PSP is a handicapped PSX for the most part since it lacks both analog sticks the ports from it suffer and the games for it that are not ports...are suxy... the DS is better for "legit" gaming the PSP is better for media and emulation on the go. Allso as odd as the DS is the touch screen makes the best analog like device I have used in years.

3920.1.2007 16:23

i may not see the shoelaces of basketball players in wii but its "joystick" is a great innovation... i prefer it than graphic details

4020.1.2007 18:46

And the joystick innovation will dissolve as time goes by. ZIppyDSM When I was speaking about the hype I was referring to the current one. The Wii hype. It will dissolve as time progress. As I said before it is 2007 not 1995.

4120.1.2007 19:56

why are people celebrating because microsoft/nintendo/sony are selling their products? its not like they are getting any profit lol stupid noobs

4220.1.2007 20:27

That's what I am trying to say. I don't care how many consoles they sold. I am happy with the 360 and the PS3. Who cares who sold how many in a timeframe. It just amazes me how people get so aroused over a outdate console. I guess it's there preference.

4321.1.2007 11:49

Personally I love Sony's strategy of delivering a high-end console. Let's face it, it is the only device with the specs for today and tomorrow, much thanks to Blu-ray. While some consider it expensive, it is actually a bargain as Sony is making losses on every unit - you get $800 worth of console for your $600 investment. Xbox 360 is more like Xbox 1.5 - it really needs the HD-DVD. Wii is comparable to Xbox 1, with a funky controller. PS3 potentially has the longest product life cycle by far, but Microsoft is not going to wait that long to release their "Xbox 720". I would really like to see PS3 succeed, since I like the high-end filosofy. Now people are opting for cheap price and going for Wii & Xbox. It will be interesting to see how the European market will open. It is the consumers demand for HD video which will decide this - if they want it, then PS3 has a better chance since it is actually a cheap Blu-ray player.

4421.1.2007 11:59 and look at what tis brought sony a console they are having trouble selling while the 360 is a frankisten the half arsed upgrade plan they are using is allot better. Believe it or not the 360 has matured into a 1.8 system(gears of war has shown its more than a upgraded xbox) once the HD is tooken care of it or the locks on USB storage taken off it and the HD DVD drove makes it complete and in 2 or 3 years it will have HD DVD in it anyway. however I am not happy with the 360 its to costly and to mismatched the WII is ok I have no big complaints........yet.

4521.1.2007 17:03

What all this means to me I will be able to get whatever I want soon as the prices and the units are showing up on the store shelves.I have been in a few stores in my area and all I see are these units sitting there.I think all them are greedy for every dollar they can get.I like how the Wii is still the cheapest for dollar to dollar.I figure if things keep going like it is I will have all these systems in my hands within the year for less bang$$$$$$.

4621.1.2007 18:01

OMG!!! Stop saying the WII is for kids. idiots, video games are for kids. Look ppl, video game consoles are for kids. Now, if you're 23 years old and play video games, then you just happen to be a 23 yo kid. I am, and I'm not ashamed If you don't like the wii fine, we get it. horay for you. If you don't want to pay $600 for a ps3. I agree with you. If you don't like 360, me neither. i don't like giving money to bill gates. BUT STOP SAYING ,"THE WII IS FOR KIDS" i own a PS2, and i think its the best system out right now. there are still some good games coming out for it. and its CHEAP! or what, does its GPU not meet your standards. What does is matter how good the graphics are? what ever happened to, oh wow, the stoy is riveting. I just cant put it down because i want to kow what happens next. as hard as this may be...GROW UP.

4721.1.2007 19:04

ps3 is the next dreamcast.
1.Wii, It's already reaching half of microsoft sale point in 2months!!! and it could have sold more if they had more. They are making at least $100 for each Wii. When microsoft and Sony is loseing money for each system. 360,want high grahpics but don't want to pay $600 and play great fps games.

3.the last place is ps3. $600 is waayy to much. Remember when ps2 fans talk smach about how big xbox is. LOL now the table has turned. anyway. The reason it's piece of crap is cause they are using worst controller that was used 10 years ago (ps1). WHy is it worst you ask, same thing that was used 10 years ago and no rumble? I played it at friends house and it feels cheap. More ps3 is collecting dust every day. This is the end of sony. (I hope) I hate sony. They are SOBs that overprice every product on the market. and they break easily. Please DIE sony.

DOn't worry sony fans, I also hate microsoft. They do overcharge for their crap softwares. But i can live with that But i hate their custmor service. any xbox owners who called can understand what i'm saying.

People are saying Wii is going to die fast cause it'll get boring. Doesn't all video games get boring after you play for awhile? I never had a game that was "fun" that could last for awhile. It's called getting a new game.

The truth is i don't give crap who wins. I"m a pc gamer and will always be PC gamer. (yes,i'm hardcore) I won't be getting PS3, or xbox 360 or the wii. But if i do go to friends house, all i do is play the wii. But not own it cause it'll wear off and get boring.

4821.1.2007 19:08

video games are not for kids. fights between fanboys are. stupid people celebrating sony/microsoft/nintendo sales, they dont realize those companies just want their money. why becoming loyal to any of those?just get whatever console has the games youlike the most, if you can get them all 3 consoles then right on!

4921.1.2007 20:38

Wii = kiddie console enough said....People are not trying to be funny when they say this, this is the age group Nintendo targets...Kids

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Microsoft: Ps3 cant do 60fps on 1080p. Guess what they were WRONG!!!!!
(11/19/05 - 9/19/06) Microsoft: Sony's 1080p support on PS3 is all Hype and Not Needed.
(9/20/06) Microsoft: Xbox 360 to add 1080p support.

5022.1.2007 1:06

WII+kids=2ndy target if that,like the PS3's 2ndry targets are High def movie fanatics.

Primary target for the WII is "families" which is not kiddie,but kid friendly,it dosent really mater if its kid friendly the core of gaming has always been game play and MS and sony have failed on that front with the brunt of there games being gory T&A fluff with little story and horrid game play.

Nintendo is trying not to let them selfs get anymore shallow by focusing on games to families and teens while MS and sory are focusing on teens and adults, sadly neither groups give a rip about games getting more shallow and gamer sheep seem happy to pay to much for to little.

Besides...look at the GC only half Nintendo games are "kiddie",Metroid has matured,Mario could be darker but needs refined design,Zelda would rock if a bit darker but then I think the game could improve in more ways than just "going black".

I suggest you never take a closer look at the game industry you'll lose that fan boy furber you have and become a unhappy jaded gamer,unsatisfied with the lot of them.

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5122.1.2007 4:30

well said zippyDSM. I agree blood and gore != good games. not wanting to put the game down == good game rihgt682 YES! the new sony controller absolutely sucks. I hate it. but unfortunately I don't think sony is going to die. The #1 selling console in Dec. was the PS2 with like 650,000 sold. But, I will never pay for a PS3. I can make my own computer for that price, that would totaly blow the PS3 out of the water in terms of graphics. sony got arrogant and now their paying for it If you've never played on a wii, you just don't get it. The graphics don't have to be good. There doesn't have to be blood. The story of zelda, shoot, even the wii sports is so much fun to play. you get dragged into the game. That's why the wii will win. as long as people dont want to put the game down, it means the game/console has completed their goal. and so far, nintendo is the winner.

5222.1.2007 4:41

kearney I said blood&gore= fluff Tit&ass= fluff fluff=can not save a bad game a good game no matter the content is a good game,I am tired of the excuse that graphics are the in thing and we need to prefect it or some such BS the core of gaming is suffering and no one seems to give a damn,you cant return bad games to they cant track "returns" thus they can ignore that in their Gray death(suit) equations....I am getting tired of playing in the shallows games and moives are made for drolling teens who are happy to pay4X for the pleasure of being mentally lobotomized by the media mafia....

5322.1.2007 7:13


5422.1.2007 7:29

ZippyDSM that's what I was trying to say. blood, gore, and nudity don't make a game better. yes, graphics aren't the only thing that's important. It appears that the story is getting snubbed more and more with more attention focused on the graphics. it is true that more ppl just want to be mentally stimulated, rather than challanged. just shooting doesn't mean you have to think. RPGs like star ocean, get horrible reviews from the players, because its hard, and if you aren't methodical, the game becomes very difficult. BTS: The ps3 is to expensive. if you want to have fun, dishing out $600 is not a good way to start. crappy controller, and un-interesting games make the ps3 not a smart choice. it seems sony is trying to fight microsoft, there's only one game that everyone seems to think interesting for the PS3 (resistance) but it looks like a mirror image of gears of war. wow, one game doesn't sway to many people.

5522.1.2007 7:32

the pad is not bad I like it better than the 360s errr,I like the dual shock layout. thats about it *L*

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5622.1.2007 7:59

I guess PS3 unit has pickup steam

oh my they out here too what i'm going to do no more PS3 in

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5722.1.2007 9:29

The gamestop near my house has about 20 PS3s and even more 360s. but everyone wants a wii. saturday, the guy said they hadn't sold 1 ps3 since jan 10 when they got the shipment in. but the 4 wiis they got sold out in 5 minutes

5822.1.2007 13:13

lol! You all are funny. Making comment's such as "PS3 hasn't sold in several stores". "Wii is selling everywhere". Who cares? Out here the PS3 is selling out in a lot of places. I think there are a bunch of fanboys on this board. Tell you the truth I think anybody that sits here and make comments like that are childish. Nintendo base their games for younger people even though there are adults that play the Wii.I had stop playing Nintendo along time ago for that reason. I think people that bash the PS3 and sometimes the 360 is becuase they cannot afford them. If you can't afford the system okay, but don't sit around and act like a kid by bashing these other consoles. Besides these companies are the ones making money off of all of us. Tell you the truth the PS3 is not a bad price due to the fact that Sony is losing about $250 for each console. Anyway quit act childish and play your games! Thanks!

5922.1.2007 13:14

Also I don't know anyone that has a Wii. Have fun with your games. Nuff said.

6022.1.2007 13:21

Originally posted by tru003:
Nintendo base their games for younger people even though there are adults that play the Wii.I had stop playing Nintendo along time ago for that reason...
...Anyway quit act childish and play your games!

I'd say it's even more immature to not play a game just because it lacks (or contains) a certain amount of violence.
But that's just me.

6122.1.2007 13:26

oofRome, Did I mention anything about violence? No! I just said I stopped playing Nintendo along time ago. I said Nintendo focus on making games for younger people. Read before you post and quit assuming you no what you are talking about.

6222.1.2007 13:28

I meant quit assuming you know what I am talking about. My bad.

6322.1.2007 14:02

If you look Nintendo has said they target kids thats not a bad thing its the truth 4 million console sold so they know what they are doing..I don't like the system because its not for me not that its a bad system but to say Sony games are base off Blood & nudity is just dumb a$$ hell ..I would buy my son one in a heart beat but he already have a GC.Even he said daddy that look like my GC & i told him no its not..But since i been on this site i haven't bash Nintendo or 360 they both are good console in there own right....

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Microsoft: Ps3 cant do 60fps on 1080p. Guess what they were WRONG!!!!!
(11/19/05 - 9/19/06) Microsoft: Sony's 1080p support on PS3 is all Hype and Not Needed.
(9/20/06) Microsoft: Xbox 360 to add 1080p support.

6422.1.2007 15:27

When you look at the gaming market, the PS3's price does not bode well for them. The biggest gamers are 8-14 year olds followed by 19-23 year olds. In the case of the 8-14 year olds, most parents aren't going to buy their kids a $600 gaming system. For the 19-23 year olds, most of them are college kids and they rarely have extra money. That gap of 15-18 year olds actually have extra money to spend because of summer and or part time jobs. However, getting your drivers license and hormones create a drop off in gaming. The people 24+ make the most money, but gaming is no longer the priority it once was for this age group. Sony is in a bind. I'm not sure of their financial status, but if they can afford to take substantial losses and push the price down to $400 in '08 they will outsell both systems. I'm sure the Sony execs expected and prepared for this. I believe in the long run Sony will beat out both systems. In due time they will lower their prices.

6523.1.2007 8:52

You obviously didn't read what I said. I am a PS2 fan. I love my PS2 and the games for it. I'm not going to buy a wii (although I do want to) nor am I going to buy a PS3. when they come down in price, then maybe i'll consider.

I'm happy that PS3 are selling in your area. They aren't selling well here.

John1800 (read this tru003)
I think you're onto something. I'm 23 and make OK money. after the day is over, I don't really think bout bying games. instead I'm thinkinf of something bigger...a new S2000 :D

6623.1.2007 9:00

ok i have one question, if the ps3 isso great, and yeah they have blue ray, "whoopie" if they are so great, how come sony wont even make a new aged controller? i mean come on, its the same dagone controller from the good ol ps. ps3 is cool and all but when you come out with a new system it needs more new to it than just blue ray, who actully uses blue ray yet anyway.

6723.1.2007 10:11

Did I mention anything about violence? No! I just said I stopped playing Nintendo along time ago. I said Nintendo focus on making games for younger people. Read before you post and quit assuming you no what you are talking about.
My sincere apologies. Much of the previous posts made were refrencing "blood, gore, and nudity", so I was assuming that was the context in which you made your reply.
Perhaps you could elaborate on what you meant by "Nintendo focus on making games for younger people".

Edit** on the same note, I'm not denying that the most recent Nintendo consoles are lacking in the "m" rated games department. But realizing what type of content constitutes an "M" rating from ESRB clearly supports my previous post.
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6823.1.2007 10:50

Video games are great! I'll be 34 yrs old this year and I own both systems (Xbox360 & PS3.) Honestly, I'm dissappointed in the PS3. Microsoft is basically new to this industry and they've done nothing but improve where as Sony, who WAS the industry leader has taken several steps backwards. Nintendo, obviously, has taken strides on a different level. The PS3 is more powerful, but with them being the leader for so long I think they've lost focus on the industry and what made them the leader. Microsoft is trying to listen to what consumers want. True, all companies are in business to make money. You can't fault any of them for that, but you can fault a company for trying to sell people things that they don't need or won't have a use for. Sony makes Movies, TV's, DVD players, Game systems, etc... They're pushing the PS3 in order to get you to buy a NEW, more expensive Blu-ray player (masked as the PS3) so that you'll have to buy the new 1080p Sony TV, and buy Sony's more expensive Blu-ray Movie and Blu-ray games, etc..etc... There's no rumble feature in the PS3 'cause Sony refuses to pay royalties to a company that founded the technology first. Microsoft, Nintendo, and others already settled their suits but Sony refuses and we as consumers suffer. My PS3 collects dust along with the games that I purchased. People ask me which one is better. I tell them this, if you already have Sony games (PS2) then buy the PS3 but if you don't have any game console and want one, go with the Xbox360. You can do sooooo much more and at a cheaper price. Alot more games, better online capabilities, outputs 1080p just like the PS3 and developers are more excited about making games for it 'cause it's more user friendly for both the end user (consumers) and developers. There will be a winner between Blu-ray and HD-DVD and when I go to Best Buy there's a limited supply of Blu-ray because it's mostly only Sony titles that are in Blu-ray format where as the HD-DVD section is blooming.

6923.1.2007 15:18

kearney Actually you missed what I was saying. I said that the reason why people always talking bad about the PS3 (even though more than half never played it)is becuase they cannot afford it. It's not talking down to anyone that do not have a lot of money. I'm like this if you cannot afford it or you will not pay that much for the system. Then why talk about something that you do not know anything about first-hand. Oh yeah I think bigger then video games. (I try to keep the topic about games and you want to bring up the other mess) I am a homeowner and I am well off. I invest my money and save my money. You can keep the S2000 Honda is overrated anyway.

7023.1.2007 16:37

Wow. Toubled times for Sony or what?

This just goes from bad to worse to laughable
(were it not for their intended gouging over prices here when it comes to the UK).

PS3 sales in Japan haven't cooled off, they've frozen.

Consoles sit on shelves as gamers wait it out: Waiting for actual games to appear or prices to drop.
Retailers, on the other hand, are an impatient lot. Retailers are also buying "used" PS3s at much lower prices than previously, paying well under the original sticker price.

Just look at how the Don Quijote in Akihabara is slicing 20 percent off the 20GB PLAYSTATION 3.
Nice 20-20 irony. The 20GB version originally books at 49,980 yen (US $412), but is being offered for 39,980 yen ($329) in a sale ending February.
The shop is knocking a flat 10,000 yen ($82) right now. Japanese bulletin board 2chan reports that this at other Don Quijotes as well.
It's interesting to check out the PS3 vibe at 2chan; Reasons for not buying go from "there are no games I want" to "video stores don't rent Blu-ray movies." Well, not yet that is

- $329(166 approx at today's exchange rate) in Japan and yet they apparantly want to charge us 425 ($840) in march (if they arrive then).

.....if they can't shift them (after the short initial fanboy rush) at 166 in Japan what makes them think we'll go for them at 425 here (after the short fanboy rush, obviously)?

What a stupid rip-off mess that machine is.

(BTW naughty zippy, going getting yourself suspended like that.
Now would be a good time to be discussing your ideas of how a modular system would be better.....and I agree, it would too.)

7123.1.2007 20:11

I have a Wii and a PS3. Actually I have owned 3 PS3's and 10 Wii's. The PS3 has been a disappointment not because it is inferior but the launch games totally suck. Why would $ony even let companies release these stupid games? I am not a hardcore Madden player so what was I left with? Resistance was fun for the day it took to beat. The rest of the games are lacking. When I stood in line for the release of the PS3 some one asked me if I was going to wait for the Wii. I really did not know anything about it. I can tell you now though it is awesome. The sports game is the best game to ever come with a system. I do Wii fitness everyday. The gameplay is the next step in video game evolution. If the nintendo was HD this would be the system to get. Maybe those calling the Wii a kids game hasn't played it or did not play with other people. Would you rather look at the eye candy of tiger woods on PS3 or swing the club on Wii? I do value the PS3 Blu-ray but again where are all the movies? I know of a 1000 movies I would buy but Stealth, World Trade Center, and MI:III aren't any of them. Sony is messing up big time. There are a ton of fanboys who need to realize no gamemaker gives a rat's buttocks about them only that wallet in their pocket.

7224.1.2007 1:35

ok this goes out to the people who keep saying even though you have never tried the system you still dog it bacause we cant afford it, you are a retard!!! if you sat and thought for a second um everyone that dogs it id bet owns a 360, and how much does one cost? id say around 500 taxes and all, thats only 2 bills less than the ps3, so what you are saying is we can afford 5 but not 7 hundred for a game system? and by the way you have no clue to what my income is so dont act like you know im to broke to buy a ps3. ive got an x box a 360 a ps2, psp, not 1 but 2 laptops and a desktop, not to mention a 130 inch projection system to play my game systems on my living room wall, and to add im only 23 years of age. not back for a person so called to broke to shell out 7 bills, so dont tell me im to broke, lame ass.... money is no object when you want something real bad. so i wonder if you can get a clue as the why i dont buy a ps3. my opinion on the ps3 is the only reason it is so big is the time delay on its arival. people keep wanting it and wanting it and finally it comes out, people only want it because of the wait time and the hype created because of it. for example: halo 2, they kept putting back the date over and over, and finally they came out with it and thats the first game i have ever waited in line for, i waited 3 hours. took it home and what happend? 1 week later was the last time i played it. the only real new thing for the game was double welding and online play. thats crap. but in my own opinion all the hype i was hearing and the idea of a game that kept changing there release date due to rumor "making the game better" oh man i have to own this game, such a let down, halo is cool in its own right but not top of the line. back to the ps3. yeah cool graphics and yeah Blu-ray, but come on its the same ol ps box as from the begaining. to be honest, no matter what platfom you like to play on, there is only so much you can get from it. online play, listening to music, viewing pictures, chatting or e mail, all from your dashboard. well it gets old and its not a new technology. like was posted, sony isnt new to the game and microsoft is, id think that sony might have more of an edge. ill give you my thought on one reason as to why i like the 360 over all, im a big fan of music, so when i play my video games i like to hear my most liked songs in the video game, x box 1 made it possible, 360 made it even better becase now you can stream music right off you computer hard drive as you play,right through your network.and no more wasting hard drive space on your x box nor wasting time loading songs to the hard drive. on top of that the x box 1 you could only play your own music with compatable games, 360 no matter what game you have in the try its going to let you listen and play at the same time. and oh my gosh here is another cool little detail. your friends list even tells you when the last time your friends were on, that way if they havent been on in 6 monhs well why let them waste your space on your friends list.... hmmm... x box market place, a way to download free game demos and video clips not to mention all the other things you can do with it. the list goes on and on... i think that microsoft hit the nail on the head this round. i dont know if ps3 has these capabilities, but all i know is why even waste the money on a system that has seldom changed, like in my other post, the controller in the same, i just want to know why they cant update that... its one of the reasons why I would have to give it a thumbs down. i want a system that plays different than the rest.... come on sony live a little.... one more of my opinions, i dont really think that sony is losing out on any money when they sell a system. like said many times, they are here to make money, not take it out of there pocket so you can have a game console to play. for the money they spend creating a console and developing new technologys for the system. from what i have heard its not the systems that cost so much but the development of the new technology. question, microsoft uses new technology right, so how come its not costing them more than they are making. sounds like a pore excuse from sony to me....

7324.1.2007 2:07

I find it hilarious how the Sony fanclub choose not to pick up on the topic of the thread or anything said about it but think a argumentative lecture about what great value they think the PS3 is will do the trick!

It's really funny.

The point of this thread is that even in it's home market the PS3 is bombing badly (way way worse than they could ever have planned for).

The amazing thing is how right now in japan they're charging $329 (166/253 at todays rates) and they still aren't shifting them.

Even the 'regular' Japanese price looks like a great bargain compared to what we are supposed to be looking at for one
(49,980 yen = US $412 = 208 = 316).

Remember they're going to try and charge 425/599/647 (=$840) here in Europe, the UK and Republic of Ireland in march (if they come by then).

(wonder what the next attempt to divert the thread will be?)

BTW (as if it had the slightest relevance to the topic anyways) I don't have the XBox 360 or the Wii.

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7424.1.2007 5:20

Originally posted by tru003:
lol! You all are funny. Making comment's such as "PS3 hasn't sold in several stores". "Wii is selling everywhere". Who cares? Out here the PS3 is selling out in a lot of places. I think there are a bunch of fanboys on this board. Tell you the truth I think anybody that sits here and make comments like that are childish. Nintendo base their games for younger people even though there are adults that play the Wii.I had stop playing Nintendo along time ago for that reason. I think people that bash the PS3 and sometimes the 360 is becuase they cannot afford them. If you can't afford the system okay, but don't sit around and act like a kid by bashing these other consoles. Besides these companies are the ones making money off of all of us. Tell you the truth the PS3 is not a bad price due to the fact that Sony is losing about $250 for each console. Anyway quit act childish and play your games!

Ok, I live in a major part of Florida i went to my local best buys wal-marts etc. I have yet to see them sold......Ps3 sales are BAD! only cat. i can put it in. The Wii........i myself am a fan. The graphics arent the best........but I will still sit down and play it because it is enjoying.

softmod (unleahsh X) 250 gb hdd!
I modded my xbox in 4 min!
iRiver PMC with a 30 gb hdd and Windows!
iPod 2nd gen. modded with iPod wizard!

7524.1.2007 5:30

Me i remeber when the 360 came out people were bashing it....sayin the ps3 was goin to blow it out of the water well guess what NOPE...but idc if the Wii will beat the 360 cause no one talked smack about wii beating 360 so i have no problems.....

softmod (unleahsh X) 250 gb hdd!
I modded my xbox in 4 min!
iRiver PMC with a 30 gb hdd and Windows!
iPod 2nd gen. modded with iPod wizard!

7624.1.2007 13:48

xBMODSx, I live in a major part of Florida too and in my area they are selling. I just don't understand how people can be a fan aka fanboy of a video game system. I have a 360, PS3, and I built my own computer for gaming. I think both are good systems. They both have good things about them. People that talk bad about the PS3 based on the price are ridiculous. Probably more then half have never played the PS3. The only problem that PS3 has right now is a lack of games which 360 had when they first launched. Other then that no prob I can play NB2K7 for awhile. As for the Wii; like I said before NIntendo's main focus is the younger generation and you cannot deny that. Remember the biggest selling system during the holidays was the PS2. So I'm quite sure $ony is not worried about this news. I just don't understand why people are so bias just play the games and enjoy.

7724.1.2007 14:14

Well said tru003

7824.1.2007 15:02

What you mean be a good sheeple and just ignore how they're ripping us off? Forget how right now in japan they're charging $329 = 166/253 at todays rates (and they still aren't shifting them). The 'regular' Japanese price is half what we are supposed to be looking at for one (49,980 yen = US $412 = 208 = 316). They're going to try and charge 425/599/647 (=$840) here in Europe, the UK and Republic of Ireland in march (if they come by then). Shut up and just put up with it? Not on your life.

7924.1.2007 20:00

ok tru003 i do have to give you props for the last comment you made. its probably the only thing you said that I will agree with, "...just play the games and enjoy." and also there does seem to be a lack of good games (although, I do like genji).

I agree, evn though sony wants to sell ps3's they are still selling lots of ps2s and ps2 games. I mean the ps2 is a nice system. sony is not hurting right now. disappointed maybe but not hurtin

also, I never said that the PS3s weren't selling here. I said that for 12 days, the only gamestop I visit hasn't sold a ps3.

And being a fanboy isn't something to be ashamed of. although I am ashamed of how sony won't admit that the ps3 isn't selling well by saying other factors "dont reflect accurate information" I love the PS2. I think if sony had been smart, the ps3 would have been a ps2 with more memory and a faster processor of the same architecture. compatability would have been eliminated as well as the need for firmware updates. and if the price was $250 (like the PS2 was when it came out) well, things would have been more interesting.

FIRST: I want to come jam at your house! holy schiznek, you really got your living room decked out.

with that aside...crap, i'm going to have to defend sony (as much as I hate it) on the price of the ps3. they did a lot of R&D to get the ps3 to where it is. Its a nice piece of hardware so I commend them on that. I guess the only thing I can say is, they're trying to recover their losses from the development of the processor, Blu-ray reader, and getting the wirelss and six axis controller to all work seamless on the console. and at the same time provide a way for programmers to program games for the system

however, I would have liked to try the new 'boomerang' controller that Sony first debuted. I thought that controller looked a more fun

but other than that...the ps3 is to much money.

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8024.1.2007 20:31

kearney you have a great point, what did happen to that boomerang controller? i think that is the reason that the ps3 was a let down. the idea of a silver system was cool, because most new age tv's, tv stands furnature come in silver, it would match. black and chrome is awsome too but i dunno, it just doesnt sell to me, my biggest hang up on the playstation is that they dont even have hard drive space to save games. i hate to have to buy crap like memory cards. im guessing that the ps3 would have a hard drive to save a game to the system but geeze it would be about time huh.

8225.1.2007 4:59

I never said i was bashing any system. I have played the Ps3 and do own a Wii And a 360. I didnt say the Ps3 wasnt enjoyable i was just tired of people bashing the 360 and now that the Ps3 came out and were'nt selling to hott i'd just figure it would shut them up lol.

But yes the Wii is for a younger Generation but that dosent mean it cant be enjoyable :P.

Also TRU what part of Florida?


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softmod (unleahsh X) 250 gb hdd!
I modded my xbox in 4 min!
iRiver PMC with a 30 gb hdd and Windows!
iPod 2nd gen. modded with iPod wizard!

8325.1.2007 6:07

cobra45, ROFLMAO that was the best picture. yeah, I totally agree, the silver is so much better than black and chrome. and yes, memory cards are so expensive compared to a harddrive. that does suck

to anyone who has a ps3:
how is the latency on the Blu-ray disk? that was one of the biggest gripes I had about the ps2. play a little, then wait for the next stage to be rendered. I'm assuming that with the disk having increased in size by 6 times, that the latency would is friggin terrible.

I agree, the ps3 isn't all its cracked up to be. and i don't know if the graphics really are better than the 360, but the hype is overrated in my opinion.

What keeps irkin me is ppl saying "younger generations". no, its for people who don't have to have blood or creepiness. I've played super swing golf. that is the best game to play with friends when you just want to have fun. is golf only for young kids? NO. and dont give me this crap about, well you can go to driving range if you like golf that much. no, I can stay in my apt with my friends and play golf. even after a week, we havn't gotten tired of playing. we act like kinder gardeners but it is so fun.

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to play killzone with my friends, and when you die, it sucks, because you have to wait to respawn, and get back to your friends, if they haven't died. its fun at first, but then its like, geez why did your duma$$ have to die.

And its obvious everyone is forgetting all the family oriented or non-violent games for the ps2. oh my I have poker, wow theres no violence there. great for families too. there's tonnes of family oriented games for the ps2. but I why don't I hear, oh, the ps2 is only for younger generations? oh, right, because there are some violent games. in case you don't remember, how many of those violent games were actually fun or enjoyable? remember resident evil was for both systems (PS2 and GC)

anyways, sony has learned that expensive hardware doesn't sell games. nor does only advertising gory games. sony needs to get back to only allowing fun games for their system, with good graphics and even better story lines

Oh, and one more note, half the games for the GC never make it to america. there a lot of good games that only stay in japan.

8425.1.2007 9:54

As for the Wii; like I said before NIntendo's main focus is the younger generation and you cannot deny that.
Yes I can:

1st party titles released on the Wii:
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Wii Sports
Wii Play

Nintendo hopes to target a wider demographic with its console than that of others in the seventh generation.[7] At a press conference for Dragon Quest IX, Satoru Iwata iterated "We're not thinking about fighting Sony, but about how many people we can get to play games. The thing we're thinking about most is not portable systems, consoles, and so-forth, but that we want to get new people playing games."[28]

Wii Sports/Play are perfect examples of targeting a much broader audience, and Zelda:TP is hardly a "Kid" game considering the kind of aptitude you need to solve some of the puzzles.

This is the second time I'm going to ask you, but could you please elaborate on what you mean by "Kid" games if you aren't talking about games rated "M".

8525.1.2007 12:01

The wii is not only for kids,but Nintendo does target younger gamers for there games,even Zelda: Twilight Princess is rated teen. Now is that bad? No but why not add more adult content to a game like this. Because Nintendo wants to be able to sell more games and they know that most parents will still buy a game that's rated teen for there kid who is 9-10 years old, I played them when I was younger and so did most of my friends, but now I'm 27 and as good as the game is and it is good, I would love to see some blood when I kill something. Saying the wii is for kids is right and wrong, Because to me when your 12-15 years of age you still are a kid, It's not like your sating on your mommies lap,But your not going out to the bar and getting smashed and coming home with 5 drunk friends talking about how your going to beat the shit out of them in fight night. The wii is fun to play even at 27, but it's still geared towards younger aged people and most people when they say kids maybe just mean a younger crowed.

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8625.1.2007 16:59

No I almost completely agree with you, in that the "kiddie" image is directly linked to rated "M" games and thus, the lack of violence.
Almost all the games on the Wii are rated E, or some sub category of E, with a few M's and 5-10 T's.
Tru just went off the handle accusing me of assuming wrong when I thought that's what he meant when he said "kid games".
Still awaiting his reply...

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 25 Jan 2007 @ 17:00

8725.1.2007 20:07

OK, that explanation really helps out. when I hear kiddie, I'm thinking sponge bob. And I guess I can agree that yes, it would be nice to at least have the opt to turn blood on. I haven't played zelda too much, still having too much fun drinking and playing golf :-) but, OK, I now agree with the people who say that the wii is geared to a broader group, making games for all ages does narrow down the field to less M and more E

so anyone with a ps3 care to answer my question, tru I know you have one. hows the latency of Blu-ray? does it suck as a much as the PS2's latency?

also tru, my response to john was in response to your "not having enough money to buy a ps3" i can afford one, but I can also find a better way to spend 600, guess it needed an explanation, sorry

8826.1.2007 14:46

Hello once again. What did think I was dodging? I am a busy guy with a busy career. Personally I feel when your biggest titles rely on anything that pertains to mario this and mario that and Zelda (which I loved when I was younger). Super Smash Bros. Brawl and WarioWare another example.
Why get upset with the comment that I made about Nintendos main focus? Are you one their payroll? I play sports and certain action/adventure games, so rated M does not apply to me. As far as the PS3 no problem here. 360 nope. Any other questions?
Have fun with the Wii. But you cannot bash the 360 or PS3 when there terchnology is up to par with the 21st century and the Wii is outdated. The Wii's major innovation is the controller which is a excellent idea. It just hilarious how people just get upset over nothing. I am not even getting upset about the comments to tell you the truth. I am just trying to make a point. So just be happy and enjoy your Nintendo, PS3, or 360.

I am in the Tampa Bay area.

8927.1.2007 5:26

Looks like this is becoming a trend -

PS3 sales down again
PS3 sells only slightly more than PS2 in Japan
Martyn Williams

Sales of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) in Japan dropped further in the week to 21 January as the games market there suffered from lacklustre demand, according to data published today. The PS3, which is due to launch in the UK on 23 March, suffered its worst week of sales since launch for the second week in a row.

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