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Fox demands YouTube hand over user details

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Jan 2007 5:11 User comments (25)

Fox demands YouTube hand over user details 20th Century Fox has issued Google's YouTube service with a subpoena to hand over details on the (now suspended) user "ECOtotal". The company is pursuing this YouTube user for uploading full versions of recent episodes of The Simpsons and 24. Using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Fox was granted the subpoena by the US District Court for the Northern District of California.
A specific episode of 24 in question actually appeared on YouTube in advance of its 14 January premiere on the Fox broadcast network. "The uploaded material could cause Fox irreparable harm," Fox Entertainment Group vice-president Jane Sunderland has in her testimony. A YouTube spokesperson declined to comment to Reuters on the situation.

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25 user comments

125.1.2007 7:02

Thats bullshit! So If I record an episode of 24 onto my VCR live from a free open broadcast signal its Illegal?

225.1.2007 7:09

"The uploaded material could cause Fox irreparable harm," What kind of harm could of it done. What did there rating going down .5% because someone uploaded to the net. Shouldn't they look at how it got into the user's hand. If it was uploaded before the broadcasting time, wouldn't that mean there is an inside man who already got. They need to look at the big picture of things. Go for the guy who stole it or whatever. Don't go for the uploaders.

325.1.2007 7:13

I dont know what there bitching about I had the first 4 episodes on DVD well in advance as did 3,453 other and thats one site. What kind of harm could this do. Make me like Jack Bauer less? Please.... to hell with Fox. This company tried to cancel family guy twice and it Sony's Blu-ray butt buddy. This company is one of the most anti consumer companies in the world along with sony. Dont buy there crap download it instead.

425.1.2007 8:02

Totally trivial.

525.1.2007 9:34

re: prodigy42: " Shouldn't they look at how it got into the user's hand. If it was uploaded before the broadcasting time, wouldn't that mean there is an inside man who already got. They need to look at the big picture of things. Go for the guy who stole it or whatever. Don't go for the uploaders." Isn't it what they are trying to do? If you want to know where it came from, don't you have to follow the trail back from where it end?

625.1.2007 9:46

They're bitching cos they're a stunning example of outrageous greed at work.

If they could have gotten away with it they'd have pursued people for videoing TV movies & shows back in the day too......but back then we didn't have the insane governemnts and legal systems pulling the kind of spineless cr@p they now pull on us in favour of those (already vastly profitable) big businesses.

IMO we already paid, we're paying all the time, several times over.
Whether it be paying the taxes to make up the short-fall when they don't thanks to the umteen tax-breaks our Govs give them or buying products that sponsor shows or the goods and services of these corporate empires.

In the first 10yr period of operation in the UK News International (another part of the Murdock empire of which Fox is a part) made
1 billion in profit and contributed a mere 1 million in taxes to the British exchequer.
Nice tax rate if you can get it huh?

for an 11-year period to 1998 shows that the business had profits of some 1.4 billion,. but paid little or no British corporation tax.

To hell with the greedy bastards one and all.
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725.1.2007 13:05

Fox's biatching may very well be "totally trivial", but this could set a VERY bad legal precedent. If copyright "owners" only need whine to the court system to get private information handed over to them you can kiss what little shreds are left of our on-line privacy goodbye. DMCA The most abused misused law in history. "It's that bad"(c) 2007 GrayArea

825.1.2007 14:03

I think you are all missing the point... first off, if you read the article, these were released BEFORE they aired, so apparently this is a mole hunt. So, right know they are going to go after inside leakage.

925.1.2007 14:37

these were released BEFORE they aired, so apparently this is a mole hunt. So, right know they are going to go after inside leakage.
- The earth-shaking horror of it all! Wow, that must have been 'spoiled/enjoyed' by er what fraction of a % of the viewing total?

1025.1.2007 15:20

Whether or not it spoiled something are not, companies always get a little bit upset when there is internal leakage. Just like those GBA/DS dumpers or pre-release groups, this is probably going to turn into a fairly large hunt until the person who leaked somehow gets caught, or stops leaking cus he is afraid.

1125.1.2007 18:33

The uploaded material could cause Fox irreparable harm," Good.

1225.1.2007 19:36

How good could of been the quality of the 24 shows. Doesn't youtube have a time limit on how long the videos can be. You see where I am going with this, why go after the crappy quality of the films.

1325.1.2007 21:29

What kind of irreperable harm is this causing Fox? It's not like this individual sold the episode of 24 to the KGB.

1426.1.2007 6:42

HOW TO UPLOAD TO YOUTUBE AND NOT GET TRACED: step one, make a youtube account but make sure you do it wile your on someone elses wifi, you used equipment that you paid for all in cash, and you route it through tor. when they ask for an email account use an email account you set up in the same manner. step two: download the video you want to post on youtube from the internet, this will prevent them from being able to trace your video to your computer of cable box, because those items put special codes in your videos that can be traced. if you do in fact rip your own stuff, make sure you convert it before you send it to youtube with something like TMPGEnc. step three: wile on someone elses wifi, and using the tor proxie network, upload the videos. NEVER EVER go on youtube under your own account without being on someone elses wifi and using tor. the end, fox fucked.

1526.1.2007 15:31

greedy leeches, i encourage everybody to keep watching all those shows , dont let anybody decide for you.

1627.1.2007 9:11

Irreparable harm??? Are they stupid? How can uploading just one episode cause irreparable harm? I would understand if it was many episodes of the same program but one ep? I really hope Fox gets the user details, only to find they cant do anything with it, and in the end, they just wasted a whole bunch of time :D

1728.1.2007 19:07

I'm still pissed that they canceled Arrested Development for Prison Break. gay gay gay.

1830.1.2007 7:56

fOX IS GAY GAY GAY. But if they get those user details wont other companies also want them and so on and so forth. then anyone can just ask for them.I hope they dont get them.

1931.1.2007 11:25

solarf and mkezele66 why must you two use the word gay, as if being homosexual is a bad thing? Ok many might beleive it to be exactly that, but the fact of the matter is that there are homosexual people in this world, and we must live with them, because they are not going to disapear just because a number of people dont like them, they will always be there. So please don't use that kind of terminology, you could be insulting anyone, not just on this forum, in life you could say it in the wrong place at the wrong time, basically I am just saying, be carefull. ~BluRay

201.2.2007 7:18

I think someone is a little touchy about being gay.

213.2.2007 7:21

prodigy42, you can defend something without being it.

223.2.2007 11:28

Thanks moviegram :) Yes what moviegram has said is absolutely true, you CAN defend somone without being like them. Prodigy42 I am [u]not[/u] gay, but I acknoledge the existence of homosexuals, and I understand that they will be around, so I just get along with them, rather than going with the old fashioned "oh my god your gay, I don't like you" approach, no I am not like that.

234.2.2007 16:01

not only do I and others think you are gay, you need to learn how to spell YOU'RE correctly.

245.2.2007 7:06

If you put all gays on an island of their own, they would eventually all die off and cease to exist, Therefore it wasn't meant to be.......Simply IT DOES NOT WORK. So to be gay is to impose on others and prey on the vulnarable young lonely and broken hearted in order to try and convert them to be gay. Being gay is simply wrong, it will never be part of gods plan, yet another fact. This here is called freedom of speech. The forum was about the Fox and You Tube issue, enough said.

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