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Second Wii Modchip arrives?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 29 Jan 2007 16:52 User comments (33)

Second Wii Modchip arrives? MAXCONSOLE is reporting that a second modchip for the Nintendo Wii console has arrived, already out-dating the Wiinja chip we reported about already. The chip is called "CycloWiz". Here is what it apparently features...
- Quicksolder (no wires required)
- Plays Wii Backups
- Plays GC Backups
- Play GC Homebrew
- Play GC Imports (swap needed)
- Built-in Audiofix (GC games using Streaming are working flawlessly, no patch needed)
- DVD-R / DVD+R support
- Optional chip disable wire
- Stealth even when chip is enabled
- Multi-purpose LED
The site reports that this chip is set to start shipping by the end of the week.


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33 user comments

129.1.2007 17:07

awesome!!! I cant believe the old chip is already outdated!!

229.1.2007 17:34

Time to buy a Wii. :0

329.1.2007 17:39

damn that thing was cracked fast. this might even boost their sales.

429.1.2007 19:33

-Stealth even when chip is enabled
Whats the point of Stealthing a chip on the Wii? I know it can go online but as far as I know you can't play games online. Maybe I am mistaken as I have only used a Wii twice, but the only thing I remember being able to do online is chat. Maybe this is for security reasons so Nintendo doesn't find your Wii is chipped when you go online? Anyway, its nice to see the Wii mod scene take off. I can't wait for Team Executioner to do a Wii chip (hopefully!).

529.1.2007 20:29

Like limelight said, it's time to buy a Wii!

629.1.2007 21:55

still no wii import use has anyone found this weird that they can hack the firmware to do wii backups gc backups and everything else except import use worse because these chips solder onto the cd drive what is going to stop nintendo from blocking the device all they would have to do is detect the device and disable the device worse nintendo is sue happy remember that most of the torrents that exist for wii backups dont work or do not finish downloading because nintendo has gone after them and even funnier how would they know how to run the chip in stealth mode if the only online system right now is the shop channel which doesn't look for mod chips so untill someone releases a confirmed working 100% including imports and stealth mode provin with a online game a real one not elebits then great but untill then not interrested

729.1.2007 23:08

I would guess the stealth component is for hiding the modchip from Nintendo so they won't know your console has one. I would think it would be fairly easy to hide from prying eyes and easily checked as to whether or not it can be seen from a system diagnostic or something similar. I am just wondering what the chip disable wire is for if the chip is stealth capable?

830.1.2007 6:41

I think the Wii is a good system, and I choose to support it. Therefore, I won't be one of the losers who buys this mod chip. Wii games and the system is much cheaper than $ony and M$. If any of you are too poor to buy games, then save your welfare money. Please don't ruin it for every body by puting a good company like Nintendo out of business!

930.1.2007 7:04

Nintendo might have the right idea,keep concole cheap by skimping on HCP witch gains more profit off the sale of each console sue any large chip maker/seller (which they would do anyway) and let the people mod their console in quite. as long as its under 10 wires I likely!

1030.1.2007 8:19

Fantastic that homebrewers and tech types can start digging into this system!!! For my money, it's the Wii. Nintendo stuck with making a gaming console and not a full-fledged home entertainment system which means better price. Haven't decided how much I like the controllers yet though.. on a side note, geeoh: Don't you have anything better to do than insult people here? Apparently, mommy and daddy make a ton of money and you think you're better than everyone else because of it. Yet you bag on MS and Sony with your little $'s. Make up your mind. And I highly doubt this will put Nintendo out of business, anyway. If you're not interested in the modding scene, don't hang out.

1130.1.2007 9:36

...... a Nintendo technician was seen leaving the Maxconsole workshops smiling and waving goodbuye. (jk) - They do say that a console being open to modding/hacking is a very good way to improve a systems chances in the market these days.

1230.1.2007 9:56

hughjars not to mention you save money and make more money off it when you do sale consoles. plus you can always adjsut the hardware when you make your revisions and can add on soemthign to stop older chips it all works out in the end and save the consumers money to.

1330.1.2007 11:40

I am astonished that this is so, tech is too fast

1430.1.2007 11:48

21Q I think with the WII Nin is stepping back a bit and just not going OTT with power and almost pointless protections.

1531.1.2007 9:08

<quote> on a side note, geeoh: Don't you have anything better to do than insult people here? Apparently, mommy and daddy make a ton of money and you think you're better than everyone else because of it. Yet you bag on MS and Sony with your little $'s. Make up your mind. And I highly doubt this will put Nintendo out of business, anyway. If you're not interested in the modding scene, don't hang out. </quote> LiveChaos I have an opinion like anyone else here, and Im no better than anyone else! You might not like it, but so what. Let me turn the tables on you, you hypocrite. Do you have anything better to do other than trying to insult me? Actually, mommy and daddy don't support me, I have 2 degrees, a family of my own, and I work hard for a living. Do you? By your statements, one has to wonder. Maybe you hang out at Afterdawn too much, that you don't have time for work. Furthermore, I enjoy Afterdawn, and I can comment on anything here. Do you own Afterdawn? I think not, so why don't you STFU you snot nosed elitist! Not everyone here is child like you!

1631.1.2007 9:33

@geeoh, no you are TROLLING! That is different from having an opinion. You down others that may want to use this chip which is THEIR CHOICE not YOURS.... And as far as being mature, you sure don't post like it. If you really are as mature as you say, you might have found a different way to state your points.

171.2.2007 5:37

I made a mistake assuming you were a punk kid, geeoh and apologize for my assumption. But you won't find me attacking other "losers" that are financially worse off than me and need to save their "welfare money". I've wasted enough of the forums time continuing this discussion and won't comment further on this matter. - The hypocrite Contributing post: I think it's funny that the GC was the last to have mod ready for it in the last generation of consoles, yet this time around it took no time. How long have we waited for a mod for the 360? There was a hoax, but no real progress. And last I heard there was some, albeit small progress on PS3 -- we can send data to the drive.

181.2.2007 7:31

Just remember, the Wii is not that different from the GC, so that is making the Mod this time much easier. While the others are in fact new editions of the console. Always takes more time for something that is new.

191.2.2007 11:02

jakewash not to mention hardware copy protection.

201.2.2007 14:20

all the wii really is is a rehashed gamecube, so its no wonder it was hacked so fast.

212.2.2007 9:15

Does ATI still do the graphics?

222.2.2007 10:15

Geeoh, have you ever heard of something called backing up?

232.2.2007 17:08

Yes ATI still does the graphics.

244.2.2007 7:45

Too bad a person cannot get ahold of any Wii accessories - still! It has been over 2 months and no store ever seems to have any controller or accessory in stock! Sure owuld be nice to purchase some more controllers... hehe!

254.2.2007 7:47

i wuld like to see just how easy it is to install

264.2.2007 12:22

The 2 modchips for the Wii are far from what the true scene would consider a true modchip. Both the Winja and the CycloWiz do nothing to actually crack the security of the console. All they do is patch the DVD-ROM to make it think it has an original title in it, much like the current 360 solutions. This is why import Wii titles cant be booted. Also note that homebrew for the Wii will not be supported because like I stated they do nothing to crack the actual security of the console. Sure GC homebrew and GC imports (which swap) and back-ups are supported, nothing new here, this was easily brought over from the GC. Also the real credit for this hack needs to be given to TMBinc and crew since they are the ones that discovered this hack in the first place, which BTW was as simple to implement and going from lowercase code from the GC to uppercase code for the Wii hahaha! Well anyway I think it will be a long time until we see any true modchips for any of the 3rd gen consoles.

274.2.2007 15:49

I think this is a good base to build on though it might not be a modchip in the normal sense of the word but if we can get homebrew to work then expect some really intuitive programs to come through from the scene. As to the argument with sueing ....they all have to sue the companys that make the modchips etc knowing full well theres nothing they can do its just to save face... although I didn't hear much in ways of suing with the Nintendo DS Slot 1 Solution carts (I have 2 :o)) maybe they might give up ( yeah !!! ) Now next step virtual console cracking ....that would be good me using they emulators on the pc ..although trying to get a hold of the gamepad for the VC ..... Once some more games start coming through then I think the chips will sell quite well...although I think trying to make backups is gonna prove more difficult assume you'll just have to rewrite the firmware on a spare DVD Burner to only read Wii Discs . Thats my rant :o)

284.2.2007 17:03

akoli I love emulation the main reason why I love it full control over the controls something most devs have forgotten,the ability to config a game to your handicap I'll give Halo 2 as my example Auto Aim AKA The sticky dough of death I hate auto aim in general but rarely have a seen something as annoying as this. Aim AKA Dead aim the soft spot around the dead zone that aims gently if you have the thumbs/mind for it I do not,thus the game is jerky Try jumping in south paw mode as normal righties do..thats right you cant because hey didnt move the jump button for. Its simple...Button mapping and the ability to turn the aim "helpers" off,this wont effect online because online is already rigged and balanced. If you missed my point and I sure you did because I like to ramble ,what I am getting at is emus at least give you the ability to change the controls a bit to fit how you play,I wish Nintendo took a step and updated the WII to let people reconfigurer their controls put buttons where you want and change sensitivity settings,Image playing GC games with the WII mote+NC and have the ability to apply all the abilities to fully replace a GC pad if they took some sets in this direction all my doubts about the WII would be cleared up.

295.2.2007 14:59


it might not be a modchip in the normal sense of the word but if we can get homebrew to work then expect some really intuitive programs to come through from the scene.
I don't know if I may confused you or if I misunderstands you, but the current two Wii chips do not support Wii homebrew or in other words "unsigned code" will be a more difficult thing to accomplish with the Wii since the core security of the Wii is left untouched by these chips.

305.2.2007 17:08

Well the way I read about the chip its not bypassing the security its just tricking the drive in to thinkin its an original disc , if the homebrew app is on a DVD that can pass off as an original game then it could work ... maybe I'm wrong or maybe thats what I'd like it to do . I know nowt about homebrew compiling although I fully support it and use a lot of homebrew apps on different systems...whats does everyone else think.

315.2.2007 17:23

what software can be used to backup GC and Wii discs? Sorry if this is old but i am really starting to love this damn machine!!!! :) thx

325.2.2007 18:55

This is off the thread but can one of you modders point me to where one can modify or tweak the navigation system for the Toyota Sienna?

335.2.2007 20:00

The GC n Wii use normal DVD Drives that the firmware has been replaced to act like a Wii/ GC Drive that way it can read them error free ....but I dunno what software they use as there has only been two or three succesfully backed up so far (that I've seen on torrent sites ) I'm sure pretty soon you'll be able to just back them up the same as a normal dvd ....fingers crossed..

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