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N-Gage back this Autumn

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 05 Feb 2007 7:24 User comments (7)

N-Gage back this Autumn Following reports that Nokia had been secretly showing off some of the tech behind a possible new N-Gage, a Nokia-sponsored blog has revealed that the next-gen N-Gage platform is set to launch this Autumn. Two major publishers are already reported to be on board to develop titles.
"We expect EA Mobile and Gameloft to bring a number of top-selling, award winning titles to our platform between our launch in September and the end of 2007," a statement on the blog reads. "They aren't the only ones, as throughout the year we will continue to make exciting announcements of other leading publishers adding their titles to our games catalogue."

The technology will be used in a series of phones rather than a single dedicated handset. According to the blog, the "biggest franchises and hottest mobile games" will be available by early next year.


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7 user comments

15.2.2007 9:39

I can save Nokia some trouble, just give me the money you are going to use to make the new N-Gage and I will give you a swift kick to the balls.

25.2.2007 10:12

I smell failure

35.2.2007 11:15

come on guys, we all know its going to fail. But lets just pretend its cool and exciting at least for Nokia's sake.

45.2.2007 13:34

what will be the point.psp and ds hello

55.2.2007 15:13

I like nokia but the only good game they have is snake. :)

66.2.2007 7:27

We don't need another portable game player. This will fail miserably.

713.2.2007 12:44

Indeed. N-gage systems have been lame and I know this one will be crap to.

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