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LG's hybrid player officially on sale

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Feb 2007 8:04 User comments (6)

LG's hybrid player officially on sale Almost three weeks after LG's hybrid Blu-Ray Disc / HD DVD player showed up in some big box retailers, the item has been declared "officially on sale", meaning it will take over the DVD player section in Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA etc. now. The player sells for a steep $1199, claimed to be a bargain since it technically can play both next-gen discs.
The item still does not sport the HD DVD logo, due to its lack of support for the HDi (formerly known as iHD) interactivity layer that is used mainly for menu purposes on HD DVD titles. The device reportedly also lacks some other features that are considered mandatory by the HD DVD camp.

That being said, when this item was shown at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last month, it marked a stepping stone for bringing a wider audience to high definition movies.


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6 user comments

16.2.2007 12:06

So some HdDVDs wont play on it??

26.2.2007 12:06

So some HdDVDs wont play on it??

36.2.2007 13:15

It's the start.
Shame the first one isn't capable of doing it all but maybe with some firmware it'll improve or maybe it'll take until the mk2 arrives.

IMO it's the first of many.

The rarity of finding true 1080p/24 output (and for both formats) will be a big draw for a lot of people really into their high def movies IMO.

I'd be absolutely stunned if there aren't at least 2 more big names going dual format before 2007 ends.

Sony has rendered Blu-ray profit-less (and nothing but one huge big cost) for every other CE member of the Blu-ray consortium, thanks to a PS3 that undercuts every one of their stand-alones and renders them thoroughly pointless and bolted to the store shelves.

They cannot be happy about this at all.
They sunk a lot of money in BD.
Some of them will undoubtedly be looking very very carefully into going dual format to at least begin making some money back.

These are my top contenders to go dual format by the end of the year (and why)......

Samsung - close links with Toshiba (via the TSST setup) and they have already announced & then denied (3 times!) a dual format player.

Pioneer - Their technical experts have also already announced & then denied a dual format player.
Pioneer also need to keep prices up on their players in order to make a profit (they lack the production capacity that, for example, Panasonic have) - adding HD DVD = another year with players at $1000+ US.

Hitachi: close links with LG (via HLDS) .

Liteon: They are already making BluRay & HD DVD drives.
They also make the new quiet XBox 360 DVD drive in
(as part of the BenQ-LiteOn-Philips conglomerate).

We shall see.

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410.2.2007 2:16

I like the technology but i do not like the brand. :)

510.2.2007 9:49

Really... I view LG as one of my most-trusted brands! I've never had any issues with any of their products.

611.2.2007 4:18

As much as I love the idea of a Duel brand player at that price doesnt it still work out cheaper to get the Xbox 360 core pack with HD DVD drive add on and a PS3 ?, This bundle would work out at around 800 and Im sure if we see this player it will cost that in Pounds.

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