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Pioneer offers new 18x DVD writers

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Feb 2007 12:10 User comments (17)

Pioneer offers new 18x DVD writers Pioneer has announced the availability of two new internal DVD writers, the DVR-112 dual-format drive and the DVR-112D dual-format drive. Both new drives integrate a wide range of technologies to optimize DVD writing and speed up DVD writing to write-once media (single layer) to 18x and 10x to dual layer media.
The DVR-112 multi-format drive writes at 18x speed on DVD-R and DVD+R, 10x on DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL, 6x on DVD-RW and 8x on DVD+RW. Its write speed for DVD-RAM media is an industry-leading 12X, whilst CD-R and CD-RW media are catered for at 40X and 32X speeds respectively.

The DVR-112D dual-format drive provides almost thew same write performance but excludes support for the DVD-RAM format.


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17 user comments

18.2.2007 13:33

any co will actaully makke 18X discs?

28.2.2007 14:34

I still write @ 4x no matter what speed.

Im still waiting on sata DVD writers.


Im still waiting on sata Pioneer DVD writers.

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38.2.2007 21:45


They have a SATA version of this drive, its labeled as the DVR-212 though. But, I could not find it on Newegg or ZipZoomFly so I am not sure when its going to be out. :(

49.2.2007 3:41

I know they have the Plexy and LiteOn but as you said, I could not find them (Pioneer). But they are a little pricy for my liking....just yet.

Thanks Pop_Smith :)

59.2.2007 4:53

Well I have a 16x BenQ that burns both the + and - DVD formats...I am satisfied with that.

69.2.2007 13:41

Both DVR-112 and DVR-212 series are also expected to come in LightScribe-enabled versions, later in March and April 2007.

79.2.2007 15:20

Lite-On makes a triple format DVD writer that burns DVD's at 20x.

89.2.2007 18:11

I've read that the Lite-On can be rather noisy.

What about the Samsung SH-S183L ?

Features -


Cache: 2MB

DVD-RAM 12x write
CD-R: 48X
CD-RW: 32X
DVD+R: 18X
DVD+R DL: 8X (Pioneer 10x)
DVD-R: 18X
DVD-R DL: 8X (Pioneer 10x)

- HexRyche

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99.2.2007 18:32

Originally posted by HexRyche:
I've read that the Lite-On can be rather noisy.
- HexRyche
I know what you're talking about. I have a CD-RW drive made by Lite-On (Sold under a different brand) and when you burn a cd at 52x, it sounds like a jet engine revving up.

109.2.2007 19:04

Yeah, I purchased one of those Lite-On 20x recently for a client and was impressed by it's apparent quality. I doubt it's noisy, but like I say, it wasn't for me.

1110.2.2007 2:04

I had a lite-on dvd/lightscribe writer that was noisy as hell and lasted 6 months before sending it back under guarantee to get fixed. I went out and bought an LG lightscribe. silent and going strong. I gave the sister in law the lite-on.

1210.2.2007 8:19

Unless you just absolutely had to have a DVD-R drive right now I'd hold out for one that can burn HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs. HD capability will be more important to most folks than faster conventional DVD burning speed.

1310.2.2007 10:17

Why only a jump of 2X why not 24X

1410.2.2007 10:18

I understand that companies that will make faster drives all the time and when it comes to backing up your data on your DVD faster is good i figure but when you are backing up movies thats another thing all together.

1510.2.2007 11:27

Originally posted by borhan9:
...when it comes to backing up your data on your DVD faster is good i figure,
but when you are backing up movies thats another thing all together.
Informative article backing this up -

It states -
the faster you burn a disc, many argue, the less compatibility you will have. The biggest reason for this is that as new media brands and speeds emerge, it becomes less and less likely that the destination player has been tested—and tweaked,
as necessary—to ensure compatibility with a particular new disc. If you are producing large numbers of DVDs,
as you would for dance recitals or plays, compatibility becomes very important. 8X is OK (depending on who you talk to);
I personally use 4X to be accepted by the maximum number of players (versus production speed).
The article also claims -

How fast is fast? Everything is relative. Bet you didn't know that 8X is the fastest sustainable speed for a DVD recorder. 16X burners can only burn at 16X on the outer edge of a DVD. If you have ever timed a 16X burner, you will find that it is not even close to 16 times the speed of 1X DVD. DVD recorders use either partial constant angular velocity or zoned constant linear velocity to burn a disc. Essentially, what this means is that they achieve different burn speeds, gradually increasing burn speed over time as they record a disc.

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1612.2.2007 4:28

The industry leading DVD-RAM write speed of 12x is great, problem is I cannot obtain RAM discs rated higher than 2-3x here in England. Any idea where these mythical faster writing RAM discs can be obtained from ? My current DVR-111 can supposedly write at 5x but I have never been able to test that either.

Generally although my BenQ can write DVD±RW at upto 16x I tend to only use this speed for discs tests at the forum. For personal use I never exceed 12x.

1713.2.2007 13:46


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