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Texas Instruments displays 720p mobile video technology

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 Feb 2007 14:59 User comments (6)

Texas Instruments displays 720p mobile video technology Texas Instruments unveiled technology at the 3GSM World Congress that can enable playback of video from mobile phones at resolutions up to 720p. The new processor is the first to offer high definition playback capability to mobile phones and other gadgets. The OMAP3430 was announced last year, and includes support for the OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics standard for 3D acceleration.
The OMAP3430 is the first in Texas Instruments series of OMAP 3 processors. The 3430 gets its power from the embedded ARM Cortex-A8 processor. According to the specifications, right now it offers 1024 x 768 (XGA) output through a composite of S-Video connection. This is good progress towards a near-future where we can output HD content easily from our mobile phones to our televisions.

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6 user comments

113.2.2007 18:28

The calculator people?

213.2.2007 19:54

Yup. I wonder what's keeping them from making a graphing calculator with an HD display :D

314.2.2007 8:30

LOL at Venom5880's comment. Now that I think about it, it does sound like a good idea XD

414.2.2007 9:37

That is amazing they have managed to make it so small. But, without huge amounts of flash mem or maybe a 2.5 drv how will the phones even store enough content?
Even with broadband wireless you'll average speeds of only 750kbs, not enough to stream HD (although rare I've heard in optimtum conditions speeds up to 14mbs have been reported).

Don't get me wrong I can't wait till there are hdd's in our phones and T1 speed wireless networks! Definitely a step in the right direction.

514.2.2007 14:32

All these new conversions are good and are going to be standard use after a few years.

615.2.2007 23:04

Yeh Joxter,

The calculator people..but their video stuff is all done with mirrors

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