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Traxdata adds BD-RE to line-up

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Feb 2007 14:53 User comments (9)

Traxdata adds BD-RE to line-up Traxdata has officially announced the available of its first rewritable Blu-ray discs (BD-RE). The single layer discs can store up to 25GB of data, suitable for those looking to experiment with the Blu-ray format and high definition video content.
For various other digital data such as music, documents and images the Blu-ray format simply allows users to vastly increase the amount they can store on the one disc. Through utilising the massive storage capacity and its rewrite function, a 25GB Blu-ray Disc can offer the functionality of a large removable hard disk drive. This provides greater sales opportunities through the smaller business and home office channels as an alternative high capacity storage solution.

Guido Liber, sales and marketing director at Traxdata, said: "This is the latest addition to our recordable media range and the first Blu-ray product available from Traxdata. It is important for us to remain at the forefront of media technologies in Europe and with the steady introduction of next generation media players such as the Playstation 3 from Sony, we are beginning to experience the consumer demand for the accompanying media."

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9 user comments

115.2.2007 14:58

that means its single layer, so we can burn it with a single layer burner, that means burning Blu-ray discs might become cheaper

215.2.2007 17:53

Ummm not sure what you meant, but Blu-ray can't be used in a DVD burner and who really uses rewritable DVD's anyways? Especially if the price is way more than unwritable media.

315.2.2007 17:54

Ya 25 to 30 bucks a disk i ll wait a couple years

415.2.2007 19:48

the main reason i care on burning reason is backing up ps3 games

515.2.2007 19:49

blue ray burners are still too expensive for my tastes but good to see the discs are becoming more readily available ;)

616.2.2007 0:41

Damn, just when I finished moving my mp3 collection from CD-R to DVD-R...

716.2.2007 9:16

The point is, that it's rewritable. So, you can experiment without making expensive write-once Blu-ray coasters.

817.2.2007 22:58

Traxdata has officially announced the available of its first rewritable Blu-ray discs (BD-RE). The single layer discs can store up to 25GB of data,
That's the size of my hard drive on this computer i would love the chance to backup my whole drive on a disc.

918.2.2007 11:13

I think the main issue with using an optical disc as a hard drive backup is issues with scratching. The main reasonm I burn a lot of my cds is so I can keep the originals safe, cos my stuff gets scratched all the time (and yes, I am careful). I can't see tit taking off from that point of view.

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