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Wii NTSC games on PAL Virtual Console?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Feb 2007 13:53 User comments (4)

Wii NTSC games on PAL Virtual Console? A Nintendo spokesperson has confirmed that the Wii Virtual Console could be host to games not previously released in Europe. "There is always the potential for games that haven't seen the light of day in Europe to be on the Virtual Console. The Virtual Console is the perfect platform for them," a Nintendo UK spokesperson told
There is a possibility that fan-favorite titles from third party developers that were previously only released in the United States, could be available in Europe via the download service. "I can't speak for third-parties, but if it's the right game then there's absolutely no reason why it should just be a first-party game," the spokesperson said.

Nintendo of America vice president, George Harrison, previously also commented that the platform holder was open to previously unavailable Japanese games being released in the US if they could be translated properly.


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4 user comments

121.2.2007 10:47

NTSC to PAL is easy and should be done more....

222.2.2007 19:27

How???? Help????

322.2.2007 19:38

Originally posted by endora:
How???? Help????

depends on the application if tis the WII you will ahve to wait till they implement code in it to change the frame rate.

if its NTSC/PAL or PAL NTSC/PAL there are cheap adapter to make a system playable,you can buy boot discs like swap magic to run a game on a foreign system and vice versa.

for the 360/WII/PS3 component,scart and HDMI connections will avoid the NTSC/PAL format altogether.

423.2.2007 9:59

i wanna play Mario & Wario(Japan Only)

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