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YouTube talks with CBS stumble

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 21 Feb 2007 16:43 User comments (2)

YouTube talks with CBS stumble Google Inc.'s YouTube service is hitting more bad luck on the road to becoming more legitimate. After losing a deal with Viacom and being ordered to remove thousands of illegally uploaded videos, talks with CBS has fallen apart. The negotiations have reportedly collapsed, even though Google and CBS were reportedly close to reaching a deal that would put CBS TV shows on
The Wall Street Journal reported that the deals were for several years and included deals to market CBS radio advertisements to Google advertisers. The negotiations reportedly failed to reach an agreement on how long the deals should last. Now both companies have decided to focus on smaller deals.

YouTube is currently in talks with more content providers, with reports of talks with the BBC already in progress. It helps with YouTube's image from content providers' perspective, many of which have already clashed with the site over unauthorized videos that users uploaded.


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2 user comments

122.2.2007 8:41

Why don't the broadcasters allow Google to post episodes of shows that have been already aired in the country of origin.

222.2.2007 12:13

This is what happens when you try and go legit! The networks cannot be bargained is either their way or the highway....I would take the highway every time.

I knew this was going to happen when they started to edit content....NOW they have both groups of people upset at them...the content providers AND their users! I will not cry one bit when youtube goes down in flames....they did it to themselves. They should have just let the site stay as it was. It would also have been better for youtube if they never would have been bought out by google.

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