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Aleratec unveiled 20X DVD duplicator

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Feb 2007 16:19 User comments (3)

Aleratec unveiled 20X DVD duplicator Aleratec, Inc. has unveiled its next generation of the Super Copy Tower, the new high speed 1:11 DVD/CD Super Copy Tower HS stand alone DVD/CD Duplicator. It can copy up to 11 DVDs at 20X or 11 CDs at 48X without the need for a computer. This Super Copy Tower supports DVD-RAM and 8.5GB Double Layer technology. Also featured is a new removable 160GB hard disk drive for secure storage of frequently used source discs.
"Prosumer users demand the best performance available and in response we have added very significant features to this next generation Aleratec Super Copy Tower. Our DVD recording speeds are now up to 20x. We have added a 160GB hard disk drive for storing more disc images and made it removable for the ultimate in keeping your data secure. With the new 20x speed, we are improving the fastest, most economical way to duplicate very large volumes of DVDs. For those with the need for speed, we can again say there is nothing even close to the Aleratec 1:11 DVD/CD Super Copy Tower HS at any price," stated Perry Solomon, President and CEO of Aleratec.

The 1:11 DVD/CD Super Copy Tower HS incorporates a 160GB removable hard disk drive that can store up to 32 images of your frequently used DVDs for making up to 11 quick copies of any one simultaneously. The hard disc drive is removable and has a key lock for security and safety in operation. The removable HDD provides extra security, in that you can remove the drive containing the images of your discs and put it in a safe place where unauthorized users cannot copy or view your data.

It is expected to sell for about $1999.

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3 user comments

124.2.2007 16:26

dont tihnk i'll have any usefor this i only make one or two copies of my movies so unless i was bootleggin movies or selling my own personal movies i have no need for it...nie to kow i can make a big ammount of copies tho....

225.2.2007 17:58

This speed would only be good for data DVD's. If you were going to back up your hard drive. Then it would be a great idea cause of how big hard drives are now it would take ages on a slow burner.

326.2.2007 6:46

This might be useful for small a business that wants to sell software, provide training videos and so on, or as mentioned a pirate that wants to sell bootleg material. The price is right but at the possible end of the DVD/CD cycle unfortunately.

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