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AACS cracking: WinDVD 8 Device Key found

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Feb 2007 9:05 User comments (9)

AACS cracking: WinDVD 8 Device Key found A Doom9 member, ATARI Vampire, has posted on the Doom9 forums that he has found the WinDVD 8 sub device key in memory. This is the latest of several weaknesses exposed in the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) copy protection that is used to protect the contents of both commercial HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc titles.
Using the WinDVD 8 Device Key, it is now possible to decrypt any movie playable by WinDVD 8 by using it. The new discovery by ATARI Vampire is based on previous work done by muslix64 and arnezami. Muslix64 found a way to retrieve the Title Keys and released BackupHDDVD, and later, BackupBluray. Arnezami extracted the processing key of a software player.

WinDVD 8 was also shown to be vulnerable to a simpler "Print Screen" attack several months ago, but that vulnerability was quickly (apparently) patched. SlySoft has also brought a software solution for decrypting HD DVD movies for the average user, releasing AnyDVD HD some weeks back.

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9 user comments

125.2.2007 10:58

whooo hooo! man made, man cracked. and the more arrogance a company has, the more dedicated the cracker.

225.2.2007 18:36


that is so cool......

...they try to force this DRM shiiite on us; but look @ what happens;;;;

...our fellow corporations get what's comin' to 'em in the end;)

325.2.2007 18:54

It was just a matter of time. They keep trying to come up with the unbreakable and some nerd comes out and kills it. Well at least they put the chalenge out there.

426.2.2007 4:49

this isn't shocking at all windvd has had all sorts of cracks including key gens and other nasty things but to find the keys in the aacs system in there own software wowo that is dumb but i guess they thought no one would crack it

527.2.2007 20:46

Yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bravo!!! all the way around. I just luv these details.

628.2.2007 11:16

Just goes to prove that piracy will NOT be stopped....the only way they can even compete is to get rid of DRM products and start to sell products that are worth buying at a decent price.....but I guess for the entertainment industry...that is just too complicated to understand.

Mabye someday it will finally sink through their thick heads....PEOPLE WANT TO CONTROL WHAT THEY OWN!

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72.3.2007 19:07

once again, lower the price, package it in a plain wrapper then DRM and copy guards will not be needed. if the product is cheap enough poeple will not bother copying it. they will never learn.

83.3.2007 2:26

Will MSFT or others ever do something with the automatic updates we get (unless disabled) on our computers that will not allow copy programs to work? This is why I'm careful about the "system downloads" MSFT wants to download to my computers.

93.3.2007 19:18

yea, but the hackers are as fast if not faster than the updaters!

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