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Disney teams up with Macrovision for game downloads

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 27 Feb 2007 7:14 User comments (4)

Disney teams up with Macrovision for game downloads Disney is set to test digital distribution of video games by offering a range of casual games for PCs. The company has teamed up with copy protection firm Macrovision to offer titles based on Pirates of the Caribbean, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Aladdin. "Disney Game Downloads is a good example of our continued success in leveraging new technologies to deliver unique entertainment experiences," said Myles MacBean, vice president of technology for The Walt Disney Internet Group.
The system will allow users to download trial versions of games for testing before purchasing, and will also enable the customer to share the trial version of the game an unlimited amount of times. "Digital distribution is a key focus for Macrovision and we enjoy working with our customers when they enter the online distribution market, seek to reach greater audiences, and move into new and different digital distribution areas," said Fred Amoroso, CEO of Macrovision.


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4 user comments

127.2.2007 11:54

will get cracked like all similar meathods

227.2.2007 14:33

disney are you stupid or what macrovision enocding has already been hacked all they have to do is hack the macrovision encoding process and worse generate a key generator disney is so stupid

327.2.2007 19:12

Suits form Disney just don't get it... doing a project with Macrovision is like kiss of death... Most anybody who knows anything about any digital media hates their guts. Annoying your customer base never worked as a business model.

427.2.2007 19:24

Disney is evil. Annoying those who buy your crap is a stupid thing to do, yet every company does it anyway.

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