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Sony: 1000 PS2 games backwards compatible with Euro PS3

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Mar 2007 6:18 User comments (14)

Sony: 1000 PS2 games backwards compatible with Euro PS3 Sony has confirmed that only a limited number of games will be playable on the European PlayStation 3 (PS3) console due to the removal of the hardware necessary for full support. However, the company said the number is supported titles is increasing every day and that by launch, about 1000 titles will be fully supported by the system.
"The situation is changing everyday, but on March 23, we expect the list to include over 1000 PS2 titles," Sony's president of worldwide studios Phil Harrison revealed to blog ThreeSpeech. Sony has noted that consumers expect backwards compatibility as a standard feature, especially since the full support was originally promised by the company.

However, the console maker believes that early adopters will be more interested in PlayStation 3 titles than playing their old PS2 games, and by providing regular updates, a steady stream of classic games will be supported by the system. "We're working to introduce a resource to the Web to detail which titles will have backwards compatibility. And as we make firmware upgrades, we will be able to add to that list," said Harrison.


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14 user comments

11.3.2007 6:52

How they screw up so much... sorry friends from Europe.... you still have to keep your PS2s on your stand, but if you are same as me will be no problem, cause i have a HDLoader and love this app, so I could play my games on my PS3 but I prefer to use my PS2 w/ HDLoader for now... no big.
But sony is just not been what it suppost to be and I hope soon they change, where is the games? where is the support? no complete ps2 Backward for our brothers in Europe and soon new PS3s to the rest...
kinda hurts the fan base and new adopters which I don't believe They have any with PS3!
PS fan forever, PS2 fan Always, PSP "A Dream come true", PS3 still hopes(too early)...

21.3.2007 7:02

And Sony criticized Microsoft for their backward compatibility strategy? At least Microsoft had the balls to let the consumer know pre-launch not every game Xbox game would run on a 360. Sony needs to rethink their strategy. I think it's BS to promote an aspect of a product(that makes it a high selling point,no less)and then months later begin to phase it out over "production problems". False advertisement

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31.3.2007 7:22

I thought you were supposed to add functionality during the life of a console, not remove it.

41.3.2007 7:22

japan is getting back at europe for when they basicly forced them to open their boarders for trading or face a world class beat down back in the day.

51.3.2007 7:45

1,000 PS2 titles is a lot of games. This is really great news, I think.

61.3.2007 10:15

Awesome news! That means about 7000 less titles than the HALF that were "supposed" to work on PS3 at launch... right?

71.3.2007 11:05

well, better than nothing I guess. But still sony has made things wrong in europe. Well im not going to buy it now...maybe later. Ps2 is still useful to me for long time. But I have stupid question coz i'm too lazy to google ;D. PS3 supports PS games? because if not that sucks coz i love playin those great games again and again ;)

81.3.2007 11:07

wow this is getting pretty silly now. how about before people get their panties in a bunch they wait and see what titles will and won't be on the BC list. then let the moaning commense. for all you know, every game you may still want to play could very well work on the ps3, so then what?? what could you possibly cry about now?? 1000 titles may be small when compared to the ps2 overall game library but it would seem to be more than any one person would probably own, let alone want to continue to play.

this almost reminds of the uproar when sony announced they cut down on the HDMI ports from 2 to 1. i mean as if the majority or even those people complaining about it were going to fully utilize this feature. i'd bet the farm most probably didn't and still don't own one HDTV let alone two. but but but its the point here, they keep saying one thing and doing another. yeah yeah thats all you guys keep saying.

i never once seen people be so sensitive to a company or have so much hate towards a company, they still become so fixated on that company.

how many of you complainers are actually planning on buying the system at launch? how many actually plan on using the ps3 to play their old ps2 games? isn't the MAIN purpose of buying the next system to be able to enjoy the next level of gaming? BC is more of a luxory than necessity, something sony touted at as being a strongpoint, and considering they were basically the pioneers to offer such a feature, im sure the greathits and killer games from the ps2 will sometime work just fine.

its pretty silly to complain about this, but if you have nothing else to keep you occupied, cry on.

91.3.2007 12:10

O well shafted again,

101.3.2007 12:13

Originally posted by SProdigy:
Awesome news! That means about 7000 less titles than the HALF that were "supposed" to work on PS3 at launch... right?
are you saying there are 16,000 ps2 games?

112.3.2007 0:27

i warned people about this when i read my wii news channel they where talking about it and how many death threats sony has received over this announcement

122.3.2007 22:56

the number of titles may be on its way up according to this statement and article from ign

UK, March 1, 2007 - Phil Harrison, head of Sony's worldwide studios, has said that despite the change in hardware there will still be "thousands" of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games playable for European PS3s at launch, later this month.

Speaking to The Guardian and on Sony's semi-official blog Three Speech, Harrison responded to criticisms over the EU PS3's reduced backwards compatibility by saying, "There will still be thousands of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles playable on the PS3 at launch. It's very easy to over-react."

Indeed, following the March 23 launch Sony will be working on its firmware updates, available from the PlayStation Network, which will improve compatibility with more titles from the PS2 back catalogue.

When asked whether the removal of the Emotion Chip could lead to a potential price cut, Harrison remained vague: "We strive to get the cost of manufacturing down as soon as possible. As soon as we can pass cost savings onto the consumers, we will."

Harrison went on to say that potential PS3 owners aren't buying the console to play their PS2 titles, instead claiming, "the reasons why people buy PS3s are the new games that it offers, the HD content experiences provided by games and movies and the opportunity to access the PlayStation Network".

Harrison also admitted Sony's tactics for securing third-party exclusives had changed too, with its focus shifting to producing in-house AAA titles rather than relying on the externally-developed big hitters like Grand Theft Auto. "When we launched the PlayStation there were no accompanying games developed by Sony," he explained. "When we launched the PlayStation 2 there was one - Fantavision, which, beautiful game though it was, was no game on which to launch a platform. But the PS3 will launch with more exclusive, high-quality games from our studios than we've ever done before."

133.3.2007 2:12

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145.3.2007 10:49

more like 1000 PSX AND PS2 games but they don't they need to polish the support and make it something that makes the PS3 shines.

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