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Amazon and TiVo bring video downloads to TV

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Mar 2007 16:49 User comments (4)

Amazon and TiVo bring video downloads to TV A new service launched by Amazon and TiVo will enable movie downloaders to purchase (or rent) movie and TV show downloads from Amazon's Unbox service and play them on a proper TV. "Amazon Unbox in TiVo" brings 1.5 million more potential customers to Amazon's download service. TiVo is currently offering an introductory offer of $15 in free movie and TV show downloads to those who sign up.
TV show episodes can be downloaded for $1.99 and movies cost between $9.99 and $14.99. The partnership between the two companies brings the service one step further than those offered by Apple and Wal-Mart, by making it easy for viewers to download content over the Internet and view it on a TV. Apple will soon attempt to accomplish this goal too with the Apple TV set top box.


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4 user comments

17.3.2007 18:46

Isn't $10-15 for a temporary ownership of a movie a bit pricey?? You only have limited storage on a TiVo.

28.3.2007 17:10

If you could burn it to DVD it might be so bad but still that's right up there close to retail price of a DVD.
Might as well buy the DVD from Wal-Mart and save the time and expense of burning the DVD plus you get the case and all original artwork.

The download should be about half the retail selling price of the DVD being there is no physical product to manufacture, you can sell the same movie file as many times as you want.

I think the price is a little to high. I'd rather purchased the DVD.
If the HD died I'd still have something.


39.3.2007 11:05

10-15 is STUPID! it should be 5 to 6. they have eliminated 90 per cent of their expenses. pass it on or we will all take a pass.

416.3.2007 5:33

You can buy a movie new out right for about $20 and rent for $4 in the store or less than $2 on the net. If it isn't a new release most are now running $5-$10 in the bargan basements. If you have TiVo why pay $2 for something you can get for free. Maybe they are hoping kids sign up with their parent's credit cards who else is going to be stupid enough to throw their money away. I guess they maybe targeting persons out in the middle of no where that have satelite web access. Still they can rent real disks for less than $2 form BB or Netflicks. Maybe they are hoping no one knows about web rentals.

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