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Internet producers await Apple TV for change

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Mar 2007 19:26 User comments (1)

Internet producers await Apple TV for change At the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg and internet tech TV outfit Revision3, spoke about how Internet TV will seriously damage cable programming once advertisers turn to the medium and delivering the content to a TV screen becomes simpler. Producers of Internet TV are depending on a new range of set-top boxes, such as Apple TV, to boost it significantly.
Devices such as Apple TV will unlock Internet TV content and make it viewable on a normal TV screen and not just with PC equipment. Advertisers are also slowly learning the value of small, passionate audiences. However, a thorn in the side of this forthcoming revolution is, once again, copyright woes from content providers.

Viacom recently demonstrated such hostility toward the trend by scrapping a deal with YouTube, insisting on hosting all its own content and offering a proprietary embeddable player. AOL director of creative development Nicole Carrico was not impressed by the move, saying, "If your content becomes successful, it's going to exceed your grasp. They're going to have to relax their death grip."

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111.3.2007 8:07

"However, a thorn in the side of this forthcoming revolution is, once again, copyright woes from content providers."

im pretty sure a much larger thorn in their side is going to be when the good old boys at your local good-old-boy-media-monopoly heavily lobby/threaten congress into regulating the shit outta tv-over-ip. they already fucked with at&t when they tried it.

or even better, think about this: a very large majority of people get their internet service from the same people they get there tv from. if a cable or fiber company sees all its users dropping its tv service, followed by a huge increase in the amount of IP traffic from everyone usuing so much bandwidth to watch tv over ip all the time, whats going to happen to that cable company/ISP's bandwidth usage limits for its usuers huh? whats goign to happen to prices? i have already seen this sorta thing happen in rural areas where there is only one good high speed provider. everyone uses too much bandwidth then they limit it to 50 gigs a month, thats far less than an entire months worth of tv. they do this becuase they know the customers will pay 40 a month for 50 gigs instead of nothing because they have no competition. another reason is a load of people im sure were dropping thier tv service (half thier bill) and watching all thier tv on youtube and downloading it. with the 50 gig limit everyone keeps paying the same price and the ISP doesnt have to pay for more bandwidth and everyone is forced to keep thier tv service too. how are people with download limits going to watch an entire months worht of tv AND surf off 50 gigs?

lots of shit needs to be sorted out before this takes off totaly. when tv over ip becomes the economical option you watch how badly the shit hits the fan in congress when cable companies want heavier regulation and comsumer want more bandwidth minimums and fairer limitations set on them by their own ISPs.

when the dust settles if our lawmakers actualy fight for the side of the consumer we will be left with waaaay more channel options, faaaaar less bullshit censorship (you know cable censorship was just designed to make people want to pay more for premuim channels, why should i have to pay for two tiers of cable tv service just to get tv that i consider to be interesting to an adult. was basic cable only designed for children? then why do they censor every last chanel at all times as if a child would be watching it?) and all this will cost faaaaaar less and probably have a much less anoying form of advertising, unless popups come to tv over ip, ha.

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