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Former Disney CEO launches Vuguru

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Mar 2007 19:21 User comments (3)

Former Disney CEO launches Vuguru Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner has launched an independent studio called Vuguru, that is specifically geared towards online video content. He announced the new studio on Monday. The first project of the studio will be titled "Prom Queen", and will be launched on April 2nd. The exact plot of the project was not disclosed.
The program will be split into around 80 clips of 90 seconds each to make it more suitable for online viewing. Videos will be distributed both from a website dedicated to Vuguru content, and also from other familiar online platforms. YouTube, Veoh, and its sponsors will also gain rights to distribute the video.


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3 user comments

113.3.2007 7:03

"other familiar online platforms"

FIRST MAJOR STUDIO TO EMBRACE FILE SHARING!?!?!? they get a cookie if they are...

213.3.2007 21:18

Good idea.... bad ceo. I wouldn't trust that bum as far as i could throw him. He almost sunk Disney what kind of dope do you have to be to do that! Yeah yeah I know a rich one!!!

314.3.2007 18:46

Have you read Disneywar by James B. Stewart? Eisner is a has-been. This company will flop.

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