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Nintendo denies Wii HDD claim, confirms DS headset release

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 19 Mar 2007 17:45 User comments (7)

Nintendo denies Wii HDD claim, confirms DS headset release Nintendo has denied rumors circulating that the company is currently developing an external hard disk drive for the Wii console. The rumors sourced from a Japanese gaming magazine Gamelabo report that Nintendo executives had a meeting to discuss the new HDD component. contacted a Nintendo of Europe spokesperson, who denied the claim saying it was just "pure rumour and speculation".
However, the company did confirm that a new headset peripheral for the DS handheld device will be available in the United States soon. It will allow players to take part in online voice chats and is due to go on sale alongside Pokémon Diamond and Pearl next month. No European release for the peripheral has been confirmed just yet, but it is likely to be available at the some time as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl this year.


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7 user comments

120.3.2007 2:38

WII dosent need a HD,it would be nice but I'd rather 2 or 3 1-4GBflash drives then 1 100GB HD that could fail in 2 years...

220.3.2007 13:19

I've never dealt with an HDD dying in a couple years on a console or a pc, generally it's more around five or ten... Unless you drop/shake it.

I'm not a big fan of large removable flash; I'm more on the hard drive side of things; because then you can store a LOT more in one place, rather than switching back and forth between devices. I love storing a bunch of music in one place, and being able to access it on my system. Perhaps I'm more of a music fan though.

I'm surprised some company hasn't released some sort of make-shift external drive yet; I honestly expect to see something like that coming soon, especially as the Virtual Console starts to expand and have a lot of games (Especially nintendo 64, those can get BIG!)

320.3.2007 13:28

all it would take is a device able to exchange flash size to a HD size but I bet the WII has a cap on it somehow.

420.3.2007 13:59

That's pretty funny cause I just saw a HDD drive on eBay for the WII. So someones cashing in on there rumor lmfao. When I saw it I was like why the hell would someone want to buy an extra piece of junk just to watch HDD movies. Cause then ya have to buy sepparate discs just to watch anything on it. I just don't get it. But get if'n ya gots da money fork it why not.

520.3.2007 14:17

better to buy "upgrades" than be stuck with a 600$ system.

At least with the 360 you can sale the old and buy a new model for 150-250 off,the HDVD add on is only 199 if you want to jump into HI DEF movies fine but thats 200$ in taxes/games/accessories you have a choice to get it or not with the PS3 you have 2 choices and the only diffrance in choice is wi fi and a super multi flash card reader...

At this point in time the 360 is better,but I still do not reccmend either of them,the WII is safe,but it might get a DVD player version soon but frankly DVD players a dime a dozen so meh.

620.3.2007 14:21

Whoops scratch
The second part of that last post about high defication lol. I was doin to many things at once and got side tracked.

720.3.2007 14:25



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