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Vodafone to offer iPhone in Europe?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 30 Mar 2007 17:27 User comments (2)

Vodafone to offer iPhone in Europe? Reports are circulating that Apple Computer Inc. is currently looking for one European network to get exclusivity over the iPhone, and industry insiders are saying that the most likely candidate at this stage is Vodafone. Apple needs to make a decision on a network some before the end of the year, as the iPhone is set to make its European debut around then.
Cingular Wireless, the mobile unit of AT&T, announced just days ago that at least one million people have shown interest in the iPhone through a website setup for consumers to register their interest in the device. The iPhone version that contains 4GB of flash memory will cost $499, while the 8GB version will cost $599.

Apple has said that it could possibly sell 10 million iPhones. The company has run in to some disputes since the gadget's MacWorld debut, including one with Cisco Systems over the use of the "iPhone" trademark, used by Cisco subsidiary Linksys. Apple and Cisco came to an agreement allowing each to use the trademark.

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2 user comments

130.3.2007 18:32

well, putting it on Vodafone would be one way to lose god knows how many customers.
Apple has done a seemingly great job with this phone, but exclusivity deals are the worst thing it could do. Release it on every network and it'll notch up those 10 million hand sets in no time. I for one wouldn't switch from any network to Vodafone.

25.4.2007 15:09

Vodafone have always been bad with there handsets as they have to always mess up the menu's and firmware....

Apple will struggle to reach there goal if they consider Vodafone to be the only Network that they shall use, they should allow there customers the freedom to choose who they connect there contracts with and to give them the choice of Pre-Pay and Sim-Free

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