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Anti-piracy sniffer dogs get second major haul

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Apr 2007 16:14 User comments (2)

Anti-piracy sniffer dogs get second major haul After previously showing their great worth by sniffing out about $3 million worth of movie and game discs in their first major successful operation, Lucky and Flo have struck again. The two black Labradors, trained to sniff out DVD and CD discs, have assisted authorities in Malaysia once again by finding a stash of pirated discs worth about $430,000.
The dogs located the discs a secret compartment in a shop in the country's capital on Saturday. Anti-piracy officials had previously raided the premises after receiving a tip, but found nothing. "They decided to call in the canine brigade," a local newspaper reads. "Within minutes, the two Labrador retrievers sniffed out the hidden discs in a room that could only be accessed by the push of a button hidden under a plug outlet."

Pirates in the country have reported but a bounty on both dogs after the initial seizures, leading authorities to tighten security around the animals. Malaysia has stepped up its efforts against copyright infringement as it negotiates a free-trade pact with the United States.


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2 user comments

12.4.2007 8:22

Weird how a dog can sniff CDs.

22.4.2007 11:43

I don't see how that's weird. CDs have a certain smell to them and dogs have a much keener sense of smell. Makes sense to me.

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