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PSP core gets $30 price drop

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Apr 2007 18:28 User comments (10)

PSP core gets $30 price drop Sony has decided to cut the price of the PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld console by $30 from tomorrow, April 3rd, 2007. The PSP Core System will be marked down from $199.99 to $169.99. Lately there have been rumors of a new smaller and lighter PSP which resulted from comments made by a Sony UK executive, which were later retracted.
A price cut is still a welcome development for the handheld though. Sony has been busy packing as many new features into the PSP as possible and tying it to the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console for more features as it battles against the handheld-dominating Nintendo. The DS handheld console from Nintendo is the undisputed leader of the portable market for now.


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10 user comments

12.4.2007 18:36

Still $50 more expenisve than ds lite.

22.4.2007 20:23

Witout a doubt the DS is killin sony and is cheaper. I owe both but i find the PSP to be more all round enjoyable. Love the screen picture,mp3 player,watching movies. Its just the battery life isnt long enough for gaming or movies and the price is a bit higher.But with the release of the new Final Fantasy VII and God of War im sure that'll boost PSP sales along with lowering the price. Im dying for those games. I would like to see more good games for the DS as well. New Super Mario rocked!! :P

33.4.2007 1:47

does anyone know if the psp core will be reduced in the u.k.

43.4.2007 7:05

I know some people will disagree but the PSP is by far a better system then the DS lite. It is very versatile and the customizations are easy nothing stressful about that.

53.4.2007 7:24

I think the PSP is still a little bloated. Most of its problems would have been alleviated if they weren't using the UMD media. By the way, sales of UMD movies are just about non-existent anymore. Though that flopped, still surprised to see PSP selling at all. The DS library is huge and that system has the upper hand. Wish the DS had a bigger screen like Sony and will say the Sony is sharp for music and movies, but it's nothing you can't do with a Video iPod. Besides, any "must haves" are ports, or are ported to PS2 within a few months. That ruins the benefit of buying the system when you can just play the games in your living room.

63.4.2007 8:35

if sony's sales keep going down then maybe they might let people do homebrew for more people buying psp.


73.4.2007 12:20

I think they are coming ut with a newer PSP. I know here in L.A. nobody has them in stock. Everywhere i go it's sold out right now.

83.4.2007 15:58

Originally posted by jookycola:
I think they are coming ut with a newer PSP. I know here in L.A. nobody has them in stock. Everywhere i go it's sold out right now.

Ya my e.g.m magazin showed a pic of it its white and two analogs sticks there gana try to join with a nother compeny to make a 8gb hard drive and the umd door will like the gameboy when u push it in the only problem is that thay whent to let the old psp game to play on the new psp but the psp has two analogs sticks a lot of work for a few new things they sell on ebay a 4gb hard drive and on ebay they sell a 8gb for around a $100 a 4gb costs abbbout the same.

95.4.2007 12:16

I think Sony screwed up by using the UMDs. If they used the memory sticks for games they could sell them to the game publishers for pennies more than production costs and the publishers wouldnt be limited to size when it came to games and that would extend battery life also. That would help them make money on something that hasnt really caught on yet.

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God hates console fan boys.
May the way of the hero lead to the Triforce.

105.4.2007 16:16

Psp- most devastating complete hand held mini computer ever- hands down...
look the PSP costs more thats the only negative. In every other category PSP devastatingly more graphically advanced, much better sound, inherently versatile and powerful this little gadget gets on the internet using available wireless hotspots. It plays the most advanced and satisfying games and the PSP lets you read ebooks listen to music, watch music videos and full length movies it lets you play legacy games you already have! This is the complete package- and honestly... at the pace of the modding communties that have sprung up over the internet that pay the PSP homage via changing the firmware and creating homebrew games and a plethora of other new and officially "unsanctioned" uses for which this excellent machine after changing the firmware. But while these are mind blowing strides forward for an electronic device by Sony users beware- modifying the firmware or using non- official Sony licensed retail gear can result in :bricking' the electronic real live death of your PSP if you mess up part of the myriad installations that abound on the internet. Kids becareful and understand you could lose your much beloved PSP... remember friends new psp may be physically changed and will not support moifications in the future- a smart guy like myself is getting a spare psp or two... for later. PSP modding community can propell the PSP's development without sony! Dark Alex for President!!!!!!!

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