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Kaleidescape ruling may affect 'managed copy'

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Apr 2007 18:50 User comments (2)

Kaleidescape ruling may affect 'managed copy' After a Judge ruled lately that Kaleidescape, a manufacturer of home media servers, did not violate its CSS license, the planned update to allow "managed copy" of HD content (and SD) may be effected. The Judge ruled against the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) on March 29th, saying that a key part of the Content Scrambling System (CSS) specification was not part of the license.
As a result, it is possible that the final specs for high-definition security systems may be delayed even further. The ability to make copies on a controlled basis is part of the awaited updates. The final AACS specs are due to be out for final member review in 60 days but that schedule could change due to the Kaleidescape ruling.

"There will absolutely be increased scrutiny of the AACS documents after this court decision, but I really hope and trust that doesn't delay our release," said Michael Ayers, a senior attorney with Toshiba America Information Systems. "The AACS group will have to take at what we are doing and make sure we don't set ourselves up for a similar problem."

Kaleidescape makes home media servers that aim to store all the movies and music of the owner. The servers start at $10,000. Media is ripped from its original disc and stored on the server. The DVD CCA found that this functionality opened the door to massive copyright infringement saying that any device that played movies from a DVD disc, had to have physical access to the disc to do so.


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2 user comments

110.4.2007 2:16

Well if I read and understand this correctly it's again just about controling what your watching. And talk about a price tag, yikes $10k for a server. Can you say build your own for less.

218.4.2007 4:13

they dont have any hardware specs up, but i think you can build one for about 1K. high end MB + CPU + 2GB RAM. add as many 500GB+ drives as you can afford. maybe a tv tuner and a good video card with DVI. get a tv with DVI or VGA. you can do pretty good with a box like that.

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