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Washington Post offers HD content via iTunes

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Apr 2007 5:10 User comments (3)

Washington Post offers HD content via iTunes The award-winning website has recognized the demand for improved video content from established brands on the Internet as video podcasting/vodcasting enters new heights of popularity among Internet users. The website announced today the availability of high-definition video podcasts designed to be viewed on a proper HD television or computer monitor.
The company has made the new content available via iTunes and promises that the videos conform to the highest specifications for the new Apple TV device, allowing for the highest quality experience on your HDTV set. All videos are shot with high-definition cameras, and the series available on iTunes has a resolution of 720p.

"The demand for high quality video via the Web is surpassing that of the supply. Consumers are eager to adopt HD content to move away from the drab experience of watching it within a small box on their computer screens," said Tom Kennedy, Managing Editor, Multimedia, "High-definition is the future of video; we have moved beyond standard definition to provide viewers with a higher standard. We knew we needed to evolve past web video to remain a relevant, innovative news source."

"The's multimedia team has worked hard to hone not only their technical skills, but also their storytelling skills," Kennedy added. "This team has invested in providing outstanding content and quality journalism, and in turn we've invested in the technology they need to keep growing without limitations."


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3 user comments

111.4.2007 9:29

Award winning? Is that like Al Bore getting an Academy Award for that great movie he made on Global Warming, based on a pack of lies and speculations?

I also like "…has worked hard to hone not only their technical skills, but also their storytelling skills", that's all they tell you is stories with no facts here, or misrepresented if based on.

NEWS is big money these days so it makes sense that they are going top notch. Now if they got Ms. Whitney from Naked NEWS I might go to their WEB site.

211.4.2007 11:26

whats this news article got to do with al gore and global; warming? ppl are so political lately, they have a gang mentality about politics.... I'M CONSERVATIVE..... IM LIBERAL.... I WEAR RED..... I WEAR BLUE..... come to think of it.... if I'm correct, there are gangs that wear the exact same colours..... hmm who are they again? :P lol

Nah im just kiddin, but seriously, "award winning" is from press release ;-)

317.4.2007 8:36

Simple, the WP base their stories on misrepresented truths, in other words lies, just like Al Bore and his acclaimed movie. The Senate has even gotten on him about this issue even though they lie when they feel like it. What is good for the goose isn't always good for the gander.

Unfortunately people can't read between the lines, as you have missed here, and they tend to believe whatever they are told by the NEWS and our wonderful politicians. That's partially why we have the crap we have running our country (the US). I don't care what side one represents they are both bad these days.

I do like your gang comments because that is what they really are and you don't cross your gang its political suicide.

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