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China destroys counterfeit goods

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Apr 2007 19:08 User comments (7)

China destroys counterfeit goods Chinese authorities have destroyed DVDs, CDs, software and illegal publications in the latest campaign to curtail rampant theft of intellectual property. The move follows a U.S. complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) against Beijing over piracy in the region. Workers across the country burned 30 million pieces of smuggled and pirated audio and video material, software and 11 million copies of pirated and illegally published books and magazines.
"Through the act of destruction, we wish to show to the world the firm determination of the Chinese Government in protecting intellectual property," Long Xinmin, chief of the State Press and Publication Administration, was quoted as saying. He added the campaign also aimed to "improve the awareness of the general public in fighting against pornography and illegal publications."

Law enforcement officers in the provincial capital of Guangzhou used shredding machines to get rid of 10 million pirated discs and 500,000 illegal publications. China also warned that the U.S. complaints against Beijing in the WTO could damage commercial relations between the two countries.


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7 user comments

115.4.2007 19:12

Damn what a waste. They should have given it away. :)

215.4.2007 21:44

They destroyed a big part of their pirated discs..for the WTO's watchfull eye. But I bet ya they made back-up copies first!!!LOL

315.4.2007 23:11

"illegal publications"

why do I see allot of human rights, democracy and religious paraphernalia going up in smoke....

416.4.2007 0:48

For once I have to agree with the US government here. China is rampant with copyright infringements. It's one thing to share something for free over the 'net, but Chinese pirates are actually profiteering off somebody else's intellectual work. That's just appalling.

516.4.2007 16:38

30 million copies burned in a fire wile 300 millions copies are burnt in a writer.

616.4.2007 20:46

Yes it sounds like a lot but don't forget this is china more than a billion people shredding and destroying those numbers can easily be replaced probably in a matter of weeks.

719.4.2007 12:13

It will be interesting to see what happens to all the stuff being offered on Ebay from China,, DVDs< CDs, etc,

maybe they will have back up stock or if you buy it you get shreds of stuff

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