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Plextor offers 'ultimate' CD burner

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Apr 2007 18:53 User comments (10)

Plextor offers 'ultimate' CD burner Plextor has announced the immediate availability of the PX-240A Ultimate 3-in-1 CD-RW Drive. The new CD-R/RW/ROM drive is RoHS compliant and fully compatible with the new Windows Vista operating system. The PX-240A drive introduces a new level of CD drive performance and features. The PX-240A 3-in-1 CD-RW drive delivers lightening fast CD recording speeds of 52X CD-R and 32X CD-RW, as well as 52X CD-ROM playback, with broad-base CD media compatibility.
The drive features a 2MB buffer and Buffer Underrun Proof Technology to prevent buffer underrun errors and allow multi-tasking. High-quality Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) eliminates pops, clicks, and hisses for superior sound quality. The PX-240A also supports Ultra DMA-2 for fast data transfer, and S/PDIF connector for digital audio equipment.

For easy connectivity with personal computers running the Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating systems, the new internal Plextor drive features an E-IDE ATAPI interface. "Both our consumer and OEM customers have been asking for a rock solid burner that can deliver the highest quality CD recordings with the fastest performance," said Michael Arbisi, vice president of channel sales for Plextor.

He added: "By removing the DVD functionality, which lots of people dont need or want, we were able to lower the price of the PX-240A drive to $59.00, which is a great value when you consider that the drive supports Windows Vista and includes the latest version of Roxio Easy Media Creator. This should be the only burner a user will ever need to get the job of recording CDs done right the first time."

The drives has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $59.00 USD.

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10 user comments

116.4.2007 19:49

Well CD's may have their place, but they are being replaced by DVD's now. They simply do not have the storage capacity of other media like DVDs and High Definition media.

In a few years, the Blue ray and HD DVD burning technology will be cheap enough that most that are into storage will be able to get one.

For the family pictures and music, a CD is OK, but people are going to want media with more space as movies start to be legally online.

That is why I think this technology is a lttle late in comming.

216.4.2007 19:54

I like the price tag on this drive and how it is newly updated for MS Vista operating system. This drive needs though to have DVD capabilities cause as webe123 said everything is going on DVD and Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

I can not wait to see what Plextor brings out on their DVD platform.

316.4.2007 23:23

Plextor is in my opinion the best cd burner maker out there however, They want as much for a cd burner as most high end dvd+-r burners. they simply can't compete in the marketplace at the rate they are going.

but they have to stay with cdr's because their dvd burners can't compete with a pioneers and sonys of todays dvd burner market

417.4.2007 6:36

lol some kinda joke? my DVD burner burns CDs at 52x. same as this one. got it for 10 bucks more... or u can get something better for 20 dollars less at

517.4.2007 6:52

Little late to the party there Plex.

617.4.2007 12:59

How is this ultimate?? 52x speeds were available ages ago (like in 2003).

719.4.2007 7:16

Plextor has this "new" cd burner for $59.99? (suggested retail price). Big deal...they are also saying that consumers don't need dvd burners. You can get a dvd burner for about the same price as this new cd burner by plextor.I wouldn't waste my money. also....52x speed? big can get this on any new drives.

819.4.2007 7:23

$59 and doesnt support DVD .....Is time running backwards all of a sudden???

Every other manufacturer is getting cheaper and offer more (lightscribe, 18x dvd) .

Who is this aimed at??? The ignorant? Mugs? People without web access?? Pets with purchase power??

I'm waiting for Blu ray to drop in price .Why on earth would I buy a CD writer???? Ha ha ha haa haaa ha haaa ha. Is it April 1st?? again?

919.4.2007 15:01

Granted 52x cdr write has been about quite some time cdrw at 32x is new to me.. although cdrw suggests you are using it for storage.. in which case DVDR is cheaper and provides better storage.

Can't see much point in this heh

1019.4.2007 15:42

There is more to this story than the writing above suggests my friends .. :D

Procode ..

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