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FixVTS and MenuShrink development stopped

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2007 10:29 User comments (7)

FixVTS and MenuShrink development stopped As many of you may have read in the past couple of days, it seems that Jeanl has stopped the development of the excellent tools FixVTS and MenuShrink. MenuShrink can convert a motion menu to a still menu and keep all functionality, which helps greatly with backups on single layer DVDs. FixVTS skims through a DVD-Video compilation and adjusts it to better compliance, which fixed many problem while opening files with DVD Shrink and other tools.
The homepage for the tools (hosted by seems to have disappeared and there is no real explanation for the halting of development. However, it seems very likely that some of our favorite DRM companies may have been behind this, which followed the development halt of RipIt4Me. Sooner or later the details will emerge and we will know who to blame for a cheap shot against a developer of open source tools.

The source of both tools has been published so development of either can be picked up by anybody willing. Of course, you get your FixVTS and MenuShrink downloads right here at AfterDawn, as neither tool can be considered as capable of circumventing copy protection.

Download FixVTS v1.603 from:

Download MenuShrink v2.41 from:

Thank you Jeanl for your contribution to the community.

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7 user comments

126.4.2007 10:44

damn, how rude...
any hear anything about someone taking up the development?

226.4.2007 16:20

this sux! please somebody take up the falling banner!

meh, another tool going down the same road as DVD Decrypter...

326.4.2007 16:29

Nothing more will happen with these tools.. never mind, more will come along as and when the need arises.

426.4.2007 22:57

It is sad news that this has happened but its great that Afterdawn still can host these two programs. The other plus is if these are free ware and open source anybody can pick it up and continue the development of these excellent products.

527.4.2007 11:56

Thanks, Jeanl, for sharing MenuShrink and FixVTS with us. Great programs. Hope everything works out for you.

628.4.2007 11:29

Well said maldogg. I would also like to thank Jeanl for your hard work creating both programs and your efforts elsewhere. I also hope that whatever has happened either works out for you or comes out in your favor. Cheers to ya!!

712.5.2007 22:02

I am not sure if this was a cease and desist order, though I have not read anything on it.

FixVTS has NOTHING to do with circumventing copy protection and neither does MenuShrink.

FixVTS does exactly what its name implies, it fixes the VTS. The only copy protection on a DVD is CSS encryption & Macrovision. Neither program can circumvent either.

If these software were banned because of circumvention of copyright protection, then they might as well ban DVD Players. They do more to circumvent protection than FixVTS and MenuShrink...

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