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Sony to launch video sharing site

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Apr 2007 19:50 User comments (6)

Sony to launch video sharing site Sony Corp. is to launch its rival to Google Inc.'s YouTube and other video sharing sites in Japan on Friday. The service, eyeVio, is expected to launch outside of Japan eventually but Sony wants to to gauge the reception at home before going worldwide. Last month, NBC Universal and News Corp. unveiled their plans to enter the area later this year.
"This is part of Sony's quiet software revolution," CEO Howard Stringer said at a news conference. "It's an opportunity to transmit user-generated video anywhere you want to, anytime to anybody, in a protected environment." Sony said that it would closely monitor the content uploaded to the service, hoping to avoid legal trouble.

Viacom filed a billion dollar lawsuit against YouTube, accusing it of tolerating user piracy. Sony aims to creative a service that will attract content providers and also protect the image of advertisers. "We believe there's a need for a clean and safe place where companies can place their advertisements," Sony spokesman Takeshi Honma said.


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6 user comments

126.4.2007 21:13

I wonder if as part of the agreement to upload your video to Sony, you have to give them exclusive rights to your content so that you'll have to pay them.

It would seem in keeping with their philosophy.

227.4.2007 4:21

Nah Rickster, I think Sony will just force you to buy it on DVD, UMD, Blu-ray, A-trac, MiniDisc, Beta, etc.

327.4.2007 12:52

I'm sure the license agreement that will be required to click ok to to join will have something buried in it about all content posted on the site will become the property of Sony and give them full rights to distribute, market or otherwise profit off of user content with more than just an advert banner system.

I wouldnt be surprised to find that same 'fact' with You Tube and other sites as well.

427.4.2007 12:54

It will take them ages to make ground on Youtube and if any at all. My question is what happen with Microsoft's attempt??

54.5.2007 15:46


67.5.2007 14:13

Microsoft ones still going....

Agreed good luck sony, ummmmm be intresting to see how this will effects the amounts of pirated content appearing on sonys new video site with them being a large distributor and movie rights owners. Will they use this power to create a more restrictive enviroment where copy right material can get taken down cus they are running the site and dont have to wait for youtube to pull their finger out or will they allow their content to be copied more and kill off other potential rivals by persuing them to death with take down requests.

... its gona be an intresting fight, but whos gona be the first to break the mould and put a 30 second advert infront of each clip.

or whos gona be the first to start to legally start to host shows similary to the way abc has done with lost.

I can see as speeds increase and the picture quality gets better, video sharing/streaming sites are going to be probably the best platform to move ip TV forward faster.

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