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Counterfeit CDs and DVDs seized in Ireland

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 27 Apr 2007 20:37 User comments (17)

Counterfeit CDs and DVDs seized in Ireland Irish Gardaí have seized about 3,000 counterfeit CDs and DVDs as part of an investigation in the midlands. The goods were found at five houses in the Edgeworthstown area of Co. Longford which were searched on Thursday morning. The Gardaí were assisted in the investigation by the Irish National Federation Against Copyright Theft (INFACT). The counterfeit movies, music and pornography was seized along with about 40 burners and 60 air rifles.
The goods were intended to be sold at at markets in the border and midlands area. The goods and equipment seized are valued at well over €80,000. No arrests have been made in connection with the searches, which uncovered the goods at two of the rented properties. A follow-up investigation is continuing.


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17 user comments

127.4.2007 21:58

tsk tsk.....even over sees this is getting serious!! Although downloading something is one thing, imo people who sell pirated movies/music/games/apps deserve whatever comes their way. Whoever is responsible for this deserves whatever is coming their way.

227.4.2007 22:25

They found Dela's house?

327.4.2007 23:32

Originally posted by Nephilim:
They found Dela's house?


427.4.2007 23:38

LOL Neph...either that or my neighbors house! Id rather it be my neighbor's pad, that dude is a big fat poopyhead!

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527.4.2007 23:48

Let's get drunk and visit your neighbor then! I made a slight change to your post, I'm sure you know why ;)

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628.4.2007 1:47

thanks for the posts i needed a laugh tonight and these did the trick!
what you said but double it for me!

728.4.2007 6:48

hahaha, 60 air rifles.

"son, the real money is in bootlegging, not your childish vandalism"
- homer

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- bart

828.4.2007 7:06

This is pretty small beer but better the go after those who try to profit from major levels piracy than those who merely share.

928.4.2007 10:30

Oops my bad Neph :/ Kinda funny to see it replaced with poopyhead though!

1028.4.2007 11:39

First time I ever heard of a poopyhead transplant. The future is here.LOL

1128.4.2007 18:16

lower the price of retail dvd/cd and u wont have 2 bust ppl makn a living and imo helping corporate usa spread their propaganda long liv pirates! they r saving poor families money all over the world.

1228.4.2007 23:40

The counterfeit movies, music and pornography was seized along with about 40 burners and 60 air rifles.
I understand everything in this article but when did rifles come to town in the I.T business. What are they going to do hold up potentail customers so they but their products.

1329.4.2007 3:16

What did airrifles have to do with it? Kinda like men rob bank and so far have failed to pay parking ticket incurred while doing so.

1429.4.2007 6:00

air rifles are illergal here, so they were being sold for profit in the markets aswell

1529.4.2007 8:20

Kinda like playing air guitar or for shooting air birds and air lions, tigers, and bears ohmy. That's it for me.

162.5.2007 13:44

"Also found were 60 air rifles, which gardaí believe were also destined for sale at various markets."
Dam I guess ill have to wait a few more weeks until I get mine haha

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175.5.2007 6:16

I wonder about counterfiet why the heck these people cant be some originalist it will pay them off better i have 14 t0 16 century bottles i will create something out of which will be originald.

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