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iPod lifts Apple profits again

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 28 Apr 2007 20:33 User comments (5)

iPod lifts Apple profits again Apple Inc. sold 10.5 million iPods in the first three months of 2007, helping the company to record an 88% increase in profits. Profits rose from last year's $410 million to $770 million. Sales of iPods, along with strong sales for MacBook computers, boosted Apple's sales from $4.3 billion to $5.2 billion. "The Mac is clearly gaining market share," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
Obviously, the company has said it is "very pleased" with its performance in the three months to 31 March, which was the most profitable quarter in the company's history. Demand for iPods rose 24% compared to last year and sales of Macintosh computers rose by 36%. "The company is growing substantially faster than the market and will continue for some time to come," said Jim Grossman of Thrivent Financial.


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5 user comments

128.4.2007 20:39

Apple is only known for ipod. They do to many ads on imac and stuff that doesn't make sense.

228.4.2007 21:38

Apple is known for much more than the Ipod... they have the best design teams in the world, are emulated by other major electronics manufacturers, and build a superior product compared to most. I own three PC's right now but the next purchase is a 24" iMac. Have you played with these? Awesome. I have had five Ipods since inception and loved each one of them, even have the hookups for my Scion.

I am very glad to see Apple doing so well, they deserve it.

328.4.2007 23:08

nooooo thats the only reason YOU know apple
many people know the many other things theyre known for, like multimedia editing?
i know alot of good things about apple, and i dont even like it that much
and its really tru about macbook sales, this semester at college almost all kids are carrying those damn things around

428.4.2007 23:57

These figures don't suprise me the Ipod has had a big slice of the market place and they will not loose it that easily mind you i have an Ipod too and they are not bad devices i just refuse to buy anything from The Itunes Shop. Like i said in a previous article i have already paid to much for the device to pay more for the songs.

529.4.2007 10:40

Apple are only knwo for there bloody ipod, which is a ghey device anyway, and a stole idea off creative, i am an extreme anti ipod person, i hate the bloody things, apple are a bloody money grabbing comapny, that sell ppl overpriced ipods and overpriced songs,

go the zune! get some market share and make the record companies screw over apple and there money grabbing ways! I hate it when ppl comapre macs to pc, macs are apple creates hardware with apple OS software, where as pcs are vendor created hardware with a microsoft or linix OS they are compeltly differe,t u are comparing two different things a OS that is designed aroudn a specific hardware modle, and a OS designed for every hardware out there!

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