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MySpace tackles video 're-posting'

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 May 2007 18:29 User comments (8)

MySpace tackles video 're-posting' Social networking giant MySpace has taken more steps to protect copyright as its users continue to upload unauthorized videos. While sites like MySpace and YouTube have systems in place to allow content owners to identify and request items get taken down, users have a nasty habit of simply uploading the same content again as soon as possible. MySpace's new Take Down Stay Down feature tackles this issue.
Take Down Stay Down prevents video content from being uploaded again once it has been taken down at an owners request, though its method to identify the content is unclear (whether or not slightly altering a file will bypass it for example). MySpace has other features in place too, such as an audio filtering feature that tackles uploading of bootleg music and a video filtering feature that does the same for video content.

To have a chance of dealing with the big media companies, sites like MySpace need to show that they take copyright protection seriously and sit on the same side of the copyright debate itself as the content providers. YouTube, the world's largest video sharing site, is the target of a billion dollar lawsuit brought by Viacom Inc., the outcome of which will have a dramatic effect on the operation of these services in future.


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8 user comments

113.5.2007 20:17

Can this be an "I hate viacom" thread?

213.5.2007 21:42

Take Down Stay Down
Looks like MySpace is taking a Shock and Awe campaign against IP holders. It doesn't really surprise me, as the GSM carriers in Canada have a service where you can call #DJ and put your phone to a speaker then it texts you with the title and "artist". I don't know why this software can't be used on videos to determine if it is a copyrighted song or not.

I'm not quite sure how well the video filtering would work though.

313.5.2007 22:58

If the person wants to use the video so bad why dont they try and use another social site that they can do this with besides myspace. Myspace has too many people tracking it and too much red tape. If you want to have that video so badly why cant you just add the url somewhere on your page.

413.5.2007 23:02

Well this will be the end of my space if they do this. Watch people start to leave and go somewhere else.

They will be left with a handful of people and end up like Napster!

Though I would use p2p or newsgroups and NOT myspace if I wanted video files so badly.

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514.5.2007 0:39

Originally posted by oofRome:
Can this be an "I hate viacom" thread?
viacom are a bunch of f**king money hungry wankers

615.5.2007 11:02

yeah really who will sit and watch a movie or tv show on someones myspace.

715.5.2007 18:52

Are they fining any users for doing this, or are they just repeatedly taking down the content?

820.5.2007 5:21

Originally posted by Unfocused:
Are they fining any users for doing this, or are they just repeatedly taking down the content?
Of course they know which accounts are tied to the file, what what are you going to do? Ban or punish the user? You'll get people leaving MySpace in droves. That's not going to help them.

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