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T-Mobile is favorite for iPhone in Europe?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 May 2007 18:41 User comments (8)

T-Mobile is favorite for iPhone in Europe? The speculation about what carrier will provide Apple Inc.'s iPhone in the European territory is ongoing. According to rumors circulating the industry now, Vodafone may in fact be second place to T-Mobile to offer Apple's first mobile phone to the European market. Previously, Vodafone had been thought of as the front runner by most until unnamed sources claimed T-Mobile, owned by Deutsche Telekom, is at the top of Apple's shortlist.
How much sense does it actually make to choose just one carrier for the European market though? Gartner research director, Martin Gutberlet, believes that Apple could be making a big mistake by looking for one partner for the iPhone. "It would be in Apple's best interests to get more than one operator to distribute the phone," he said, adding that Apple may realize its mistake soon after and rush to find more distributors.

As an example of how this is a problem for the European market, T-Mobile, the alleged front runner, doesn't have a prominent presence in Italy, Spain, or France. The consumer interest for the iPhone in the U.S. is growing rapidly, with AT&T claiming to have received requests for iPhone information from 1 million consumers.

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8 user comments

113.5.2007 21:10

iphone = wallet rape

213.5.2007 21:51

Why can't Apple just sell it online directly and people can just put whatever SIM they want in it? It has been reported that they are making a huge profit off the phone, why would they want to split it with a carrier? Apple has the resources to sell, market, and support the product on their own.

Personally I have no interest in the iPhone for too many reasons (crappy GSM service here, contract required, way too expensive, I already have a phone and PSP, and so on), but I don't know how pissing off potential customers through network lockdown will help.

313.5.2007 23:04

If they only go after on carier they are not going to lead the way. The only way they can get somewhere is for people to buy the phone out right and then just put their sims in the new phone.

414.5.2007 7:45

iPhone = Fad

514.5.2007 8:15

its just an overhyped, overpriced, crippleware filled item that mac junkies will do anything for. plus making it one companys phone make apple millions in the deal. i dont like electronic products with a huuuge margin of profit at launch, i.e. wii and iphone.

614.5.2007 22:03

I hate how we're talking about iphone and it's not even out yet.

715.5.2007 20:52

I don't see why more companies don't just sell unlocked phones directly.

820.5.2007 5:23

Originally posted by rihgt682:
I hate how we're talking about iphone and it's not even out yet.
Isn't it terrible? :) For all the iPhone haters - every fifth article here in the newsletter is about the iPhone.



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