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MySpace to offer online TV channels

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 May 2007 18:38 User comments (3)

MySpace to offer online TV channels News Corp.'s social networking giant, MySpace, is to begin offering online television channels through deals with news and entertainment networks including National Geographic, Reuters and The New York Times Co. The new channels will also include programming from "lifestyle" media companies that will offer animation, night life, video game shows and music. MySpace has lately been attempting to re-assure content providers by increasing anti-piracy features across the site.
The market for online video content is getting noticeably bigger and a giant like MySpace cannot afford to fall behind the competition, which includes YouTube, Joost and many more. Advertising revenue is seen by content providers as a new source of revenue for video content, but so far, sites like YouTube have been filled up with unauthorized clips by users, making them a less attractive option for content providers.


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3 user comments

115.5.2007 22:20

The Bandwagon is starting up again. Why does it seem MS cannot come up with an original idea.

215.5.2007 23:54

MySpace already has capacity problems and now they are starting an online video service? I can just imagine clicking on one of these MySpace channels and getting the following message "Sorry, an error has occurred, This problem has been forwarded to MySpace Technical Support"

317.5.2007 19:49

Cool. Something else to watch while working the graveyard shift.

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