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CD WOW to pay 41 million in damages

Written by James Delahunty @ 29 May 2007 6:42 User comments (6)

CD WOW to pay 41 million in damages Online retailer CD WOW! has been ordered to pay 41 million in damages to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), the largest damages award ever made in favor of the BPI. CD WOW found trouble with the music industry long ago by importing music CDs and DVDs from outside the European Economic Area (which were licensed for sale and distribution in other territories) and had a reputation for selling products for much cheaper when compared to retail stores in the United Kingdom.
BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor said...
"CD Wow has been undermining the legitimate businesses of UK retailers and record companies by continuing to import CDs and music DVDs illegally from Asia, despite having given court undertakings that it would stop doing so.

Illegal imports of this kind undermine the huge investments made by businesses here in homegrown musical talent. This ruling illustrates the lengths that the rogue retailer went to flout the law and maximize its profits at the expense of British musicians and record companies supporting them. CD Wow is no consumer champion; it is a rogue trader that now has to face the consequences of its actions.

We have an extremely competitive record industry and retail sector here in the UK, and at an average price of around 8.50, CDs are better value than ever.The vibrancy of British music depends on a fair return on the investments that allow British talent to shine. This decision is an important step in ensuring that British music has a bright future."
The BPI has already begun taking steps to enforce the damages award, having obtained a freezing order on the retailer's Hong Kong bank accounts and assets. It is recognized that enforcement of the award will be time-consuming and complex given that the company's assets are located in a number of jurisdictions.

CD WOW! will appeal the decision.

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6 user comments

130.5.2007 01:08

Well this is sounding not like CD WOW anymore it wont be surprising when they have to fight this battle further on.

230.5.2007 08:34

and at an average price of around 8.50, CDs are better value than ever
$18.00 Canadian??? No wonder people are buying from importers...

330.5.2007 10:01

OMG!! importing is bad it protects the citizen from anal carnage at the local shops!
fckers get over yourselfs this regional BS ends NOW!

430.5.2007 20:13

The next thing that will happen it will be illegal to buy steel from japan, coffee from Columbia, etc. does this sound right?

530.5.2007 22:42

Or oil from Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq... Importing that is doing REAL harm to the world!

627.6.2007 22:24

If local retailers would just lower their prices, they could reap the benefits of local dollars.

When are they going to learn that potential cash earnings as nowhere near the reality of cash in hand?

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