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iPhone buzz leads to production ramp up

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Jun 2007 9:43 User comments (4)

iPhone buzz leads to production ramp up With the iPhone expected to finally become available in the United States this month, Apple Inc. is reported to have requested Quanta Computer to ramp up production. Reports are circulating that Quanta has received an order to produce 5 million iPhones with delivery scheduled to begin in September.
"It is important for the Company to gain new business to sustain growth and development," Quanta said, responding to media reports adding that, "the Company will not comment on specific customer, order or any types of confidential information." The company has produced various products for Apple in the past and is the world's largest producer of laptop computers.

, analyst Matthew Kather released a survey earlier this week of AT&T Cingular stores that were queried. "Most stores expect the phone on 6/15 or 6/22, and most expect to only have a few (highest number was 40 at one store) on hand initially." Kather's report states, "Overall pent-up retail demand at Cingular stores appears very strong, with about 15-20% of the stores we contacted keeping a waiting list for customers interested to purchase it."

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said on Wednesday that he expects the iPhone to begin selling before the end of June. Many expect the launch to coincide with Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (WWCD). Jobs is scheduled to deliver his keynote on Monday, June 11.

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4 user comments

12.6.2007 14:47

5 million to produce and bring out would be a good measuring point to see how the consumer market will take this new iphone technology. I guess here in Australia I would have to wait awhile longer for this, which i am happy with due to the cost factor.

22.6.2007 19:45

5 million is quite a bit considering the price... the model with more memory is over 2x the price of the ipod... and its exclusive with at&t... no way they even sell 2 million... if they produce an unlocked version maybe but if not they are royally screwed

33.6.2007 16:21

Sounds like mknapper1 has absolutely NO ideea what the iPhone doesif she/he talks about twice the memory at half the price as being important!!!

420.7.2007 13:56

This is still going to be a lot of money for a new phone that everybody else is going to have.

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