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Microsoft bets on LiveStation

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Jul 2007 3:56 User comments (6)

Microsoft bets on LiveStation Looking to become a bigger player in the video revolution, Microsoft Corp. is placing its bets on its LiveStation service. LiveStation is a Web TV service created by the Redmond-based software giant in co-operation with a software company called Skinkers. Its goal is to offer high quality live TV content on a PC or other computing device, making it an alternative to Joost and YouTube which offer pre-recorded content.
LiveStation allows programming from a PC to be shared with other devices like a set-top box, and eventually a mobile phone. "As far as we can tell, the average user doesn't care to watch TV on their cell phone, but that might change with the iPhone," noted Rob Enderle, president of the San Jose-based Enderle Group. He admitted however that watching video on a laptop while traveling is common and that there have been products doing well in that area.

Beta tests of LiveStation are already underway in the UK, using live content from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). CBS Television Stations announced in April that it would adopt Silverlight, which is the technology underlying LiveStation, for its Web TV initiative that is expected to launch later this year.

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6 user comments

110.7.2007 8:03

First! since no one else is posting. I dont like how microsoft is taking over the entertainment industry bit by bit. soon there will be the summer blockbuster brought to you by microsoft studios

210.7.2007 8:11

Greedy b-tards, the lot of them I tells ya lol

What the hell ever happened to watching TV... on a TV!?

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310.7.2007 11:58

i think its good that microsoft are takin over its just as long as they bring out good stuff and why ot buy everything it isnt a though the richest man in the world is gunna run out of money ya no what i mean anyway

410.7.2007 19:45

Pretty soon they'll be chargin' ya $0.52 everytime you turn on a computer!

512.7.2007 4:50

TV isn't free unless of course you don't purchase a license.
It all costs money to provide a service so I don't see how they
are any more greedy than any other service provider.
Sounds more like Microsoft haters than anything else.
Hate Sony,hate Apple,hate the goverment but it won't make you
any richer,just makes you look infantile.

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617.7.2007 0:18

The only thing that gets too me is that Microsoft can not come up with a new idea in a long time and always seems to be buying other peoples ideas. Then rubber stamping their logos on it.

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