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Anti-piracy raids carried out in Sicily

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 30 Jul 2007 18:42 User comments (4)

Anti-piracy raids carried out in Sicily Italian anti-piracy police have targeted an illicit distribution network operating in Catania, Sicily. While the amount of pirated goods seized totaled around 2,000 CDs and DVDs, the police officers found some other nice gadgets too. They included eight guns, five rifles, ammunition for rifles and machine guns, two kilograms of TNT and bomb making equipment.
The raids were carried out by Officers from the First GdF Operational Unit of Catania. Several stolen archaeological treasures were also uncovered. Police arrested two men and are now investigating the connection between them and members of criminal organizations closely linked to notorious mafia families.

This particular case has appeared on some anti-piracy websites, even though the number of pirated goods seized are easily beaten in an average anti-piracy raid. However, it was the other activity that was also going on that makes it such attractive news for an industry that has been talking about links between piracy and organized crime and also terrorism, for years.

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4 user comments

131.7.2007 7:29

In Sicily? There's like nothing like that there :S

They should hit up Rome.

231.7.2007 8:46

I'm not normally one to say conspiricy, but how hard would it be for some special interest group to set this up. At this point in the game they are constantly losing court cases, and support from the gov't who is mabey starting to see through the BS that they are putting forth. So when some one yells, "PIRACY SPONSERS TERRORISM," and no one listens what would it take? A relative handfull of pirated CDs? a few guns, the stuff to make a bomb? well you know what? now they have 'proof'.

31.8.2007 19:25

Reading this article it does not surprise me to see that one the MAFIA is getting other people to do their handy work and two the fact that the Mafia is upgrading their organized crime to fit in new methods including I.T is just to show people that they are keeping up with the times.

414.8.2007 16:29

Not only can the blame pirates, but they are bringing the mafia into it. What next?

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