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Sony brings SACD to car stereos

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 31 Jul 2007 18:52 User comments (4)

Sony brings SACD to car stereos Sony Corp. has made some changes to its Xplod head units through the XAV-W1 which may bring joy to some customers. In a first, the W1 is a Super AudioCD (SACD) player and the first large visual jukebox designed for a car by the company. Owners with compatible audio systems can listen to music in 5.1 surround. Stereo audio is available for regular CD audio and digital files (MP3, WMA etc.)
The optical disc drive also supports the DVD format, making it possible watch DVD-Video titles on the unit's 7-inch built in touchscreen. A user can also connect an iPod or add tuners for HD Radio or Satellite Radio. The system should become available this month for $800.

Super AudioCD (SACD) is an optical audio storage standard that competes against DVD-Audio in a format war in the market for higher-fidelity digital audio than that provided by regular CD Audio. SACD has a huge advantage in that most SACD titles are hybrid discs capable of also being played in a regular CD player.


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4 user comments

12.8.2007 8:27

Boy this is really going to make a great impact on the car stereo world all 5 or 6 of us that might have a couple of these discs can play them in the car now. I'm going to run right out and get a Xplod player, NOT!

I've bought two or three SACD's but stopped because there isn't much support for them and DVD-A is much better since I get Video too and if I want I can rip the audio track and make a CD or MP3. With SACD I can't even make a backup of the disc for my protection, great format Sony...

22.8.2007 16:10

I have never been a big fan of these in car DVD players due to the fact that really a person should remain stationary while watching a movie and not be on the move.

The stereo aspect well yes you would need a good stereo system to bop along in the car but how much hi quality do you need.

34.8.2007 3:59

Like MR-Movies said does beg the question what are they going to play on it... ive never seen any of these disks.

But even if you did have 5.1 audio source would it be easier to just convert it to a DVD with AC3 audio, you would get 48KHz and 320 kbps, then just set the video bit rate to virtually nothing and just encode a black or simple video.

Then u can use any 5.1 car DVD player......

414.8.2007 14:28


Well, I've got around $10,000 (Yes, 10 Grand) of high end audio equipment installed in the car. Music is something that I really enjoy, so when it comes to sounds, I require a lot of high quality.

I guess that I'll step up and be counted as the second person who has invested in the SACD format. I agree with you 100%, this format was a great idea, but the support just was not there. Much like the Mini Disc (Yes, I've one of those also) Sony has had some good ideas in the past, but it is the support and implementation of these ideas that has shot them in the foot more than anything else.

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