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Taiwanese researchers change how you view LCD

Written by Dave Horvath @ 07 Aug 2007 19:17 User comments (11)

Taiwanese researchers change how you view LCD A couple of Taiwanese researchers seem to have come a great deal closer towards solving the problem of faded images when viewing an LCD display from an angle. Many people can immediately relate to this circumstance as its difficult not to have been subjected to LCD displays. Everything from cellular phones, to personal gaming devices, laptops and HDTVs suffer from the same problem that Wayne Cheng and Chih-Nan Wu are trying to solve.
Initially, LCD designers took for granted that people may be, at some point, viewing the panels at anything other than straight on. In fact, recent studies showed that between digital camera displays and laptop monitors, the average viewer studies the LCD at an average of 40 degrees off-center or more. Many early developers made LCD panels so that the Pixels pointed straight out towards the viewer, however Cheng and Wu hope to change that.

The prototype features a small camera that sits beside the LCD and tracks the position of the viewer's head. It then makes tiny adjustments to the liquid crystals themselves and pivots toward the viewer for the best possible picture quality. Future developments of the new LCD display will miniaturize the camera by implementing infrared sensore instead of standard lenses. This will allow the display to Track the position of the viewer's eyes to fine tune the display even more. This would also enable this technology to be integrated into devices that use much smaller LCD screens.

Of course, the obvious drawback is that this current system is only being developed with a single viewer in mind. This technology would not be viable right now for HDTVs where the potential to have multiple viewers is much higher. Cheng and Wu will work on one thing at a time. Currently a concern is hospitals that use digital X-ray machines, this technology could benefit doctors and surgeons by allowing clearer viewing for a better diagnosis.


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11 user comments

17.8.2007 20:06

same from second*** lol

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27.8.2007 20:06

The worse idea EVA!!!!!
Just plain stupid!

37.8.2007 20:24

sounds too expensive to be practical

47.8.2007 20:45


Sounds like a good idea to me. I hate having to get up and bring my laptop across the floor because it is too dim to whever I'm showing something to. Might be expensive, but it will only get cheaper over time.

58.8.2007 1:07

its not a camera but a sensor to shift the LCD to be viewable at a great angel,however by the time this is of any use to the consumer (cheap to produce) they might move on to something better out figure out how to get LCD to be viewable in a wider angel.

68.8.2007 2:04

i think its great if it can help doctors ect...
and if they can do it and fix it for multiple viewers im sure it wouldn't be stupid then...
everything starts somewhere...

78.8.2007 6:10

So what happens when 2 or more people are sitting on different sides of the room? lol. the crystal will split so it can follow everyone?

89.8.2007 4:30

Taiwanese researchers???? I didn't even know they had any.

914.8.2007 22:07

Sounds expensive to repair if it breaks....

1014.8.2007 22:22

Originally posted by Unfocused:
Sounds expensive to repair if it breaks....

everythign it,well everything thats not 4X in price :P

Originally posted by Snatched:
Taiwanese researchers???? I didn't even know they had any.
Taiwan and japan are still the 2 best makers of electronics,or at least they were up till acouple years ago.

1117.8.2007 17:10

At least they are trying something new. However it needs to be practical and simple to use for the consumer to even think about purchasing it.

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