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Azureus hits 7 million subscribers with Vuze

Written by Dave Horvath @ 10 Aug 2007 9:11 User comments (6)

Azureus hits 7 million subscribers with Vuze Based in Palo Alto, California, P2P leader Azureus is proud to announce that their spinoff site Vuze, a high Resolution video portal, has crossed the threshold of seven million users in just six months. Additionally, the company announced that it has gained a deal to offer the complete two seasons of The Office UK and its specials available for download and high resolution Streaming video. This is the first company to ever be given rights such as this in the United States. As a promotion, the first episode will be available for free. This program joines an already impressive list of high-definition and standard definition BBC broadcasts.
Vuze has become the world's largest high resolution and high-definition video portal and has exploded in growth due to growing consumers who demand high-definition content. Millions of videos have been downloaded from Vuze every month and July saw a growth of over 100% compared to previous months.

Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Azureus had said, "Vuze continues to see adoption from unique users at an unprecedented rate. Our active community has been following Azureus for a very long time, and is now embracing Vuze and its unique features. This community is what sets Vuze apart from other Internet video and entertainment sites and we strive to give users everything they need and nothing they dont."


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6 user comments

110.8.2007 15:51

Azureus is still bloated and rescoruce hungry.

I wish hey would work on optimizing alone for the next 2 or 3 updates...

Vuze can be set to work like normal Azureus so its not that bad of a change if you hate the new look.

212.8.2007 9:07

the only reason azureus takes up so many resources is because it uses java to run

312.8.2007 9:15

Originally posted by ahjukhir:
the only reason azureus takes up so many resources is because it uses java to run
thus why they need to optimize it for a few years :P

417.8.2007 18:12

I have recently moved from utorrent to Bitcomet and as long as that keeps working for me i aint going to be changing it.

518.8.2007 15:42

I still don't understand why some people still say Azureus is CPU hungry. On my system I hardly notice any difference, and that's with many plugins installed. It trundles along quietly in the background. Azureus Vuze is undoubtedly the best p2p application you can get. I've tried many others, and none comes close or has similar reliability or the same download speeds or features as Azureus. Couple that with the Vuze choice of free and very low cost video and feature downloads (music vids and clips, documentaries, image collections and feature films, etc, many of which are in HD) and you have one of the best free software applications you can lay your hands on. Like any new toy you just need to spend a little time tweaking it and getting it to work the way you want.

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618.8.2007 23:58

people with slow cpu's are the only ones noticing it... I dont see a difference..

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