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Amimon ships Wireless High-Definition Interface chipset

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 29 Aug 2007 20:32 User comments (7)

Amimon ships Wireless High-Definition Interface chipset Chip manufacturer Amimon has just started shipping a chipset based on its Wireless High-Definition Interface (WHDI) standard. This will allow high definition video (uncompressed) to be broadcast around a home. The chip is capable of delivering 1080p content at datarates of up to 3Gbps through a 40MHz channel in the 5GHz unlicensed band and can stream HD content at 1.5Gbps through a 20MHz channel.
Amimon claims that the chip is suitable for home usage. It claims a latency of less than 1ms, a range of up to 30 meters and the ability to penetrate dividing walls. The company is confident that it can clean all the A/V wires and cables from your home soon.

The chipset will be integrated into consumer electronics products by the end of the year, with more devices set to arrive in early 2008. Loewe and Funai will demonstrate products that use the chipset at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.

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7 user comments

130.8.2007 16:07

This coupled with a wireless power source would leave my A/V setup looking so much cleaner.

I read an article somewhere a little while back about a wireless power source.

231.8.2007 3:57

yep. Wireless power is a little bit primitive for now though but I remember reading an article lately about how a mobile phone was charged wirelessly, which you have to admit would be a cool thing to have. Imagine walking into your home and you mobile phone has software that detects "uh oh, 10% battery level" and so connects to wireless source which begins charging the phone immediately. Same concept can work for tonnes of gadgets and also could be a service large retailers offer to browsing customers :P

331.8.2007 8:48

Splash pad in the UK using DC Magnetic Induction has been around for wirless power for over 2 years.

There is also an american company who have a slightly diffirent system that uses match frequency wireless power transmission.

They have this year i belive got a working proto type.

However Nikola Tesla's trasmitted power without wires back at the turn of the last century over nearly 100 years ago.

Theres far far more to the story of tesla but you can do your own reading.

Back to the wirless system.

30 M

Ok thats not so bad, but its only going to be good in 70% of homes if not less, in the UK ive had many battles with older victorian buildings which i can only assume they painted the walls with anti radar paint... or you would think so when you try and put a wireless signal through them.

Anyway they are going to have to produce a way to either repeat the signal or re-distribute on another channel for those users who need more than 30, which im sure is before you bring walls into the picture.

its going to be more like 10 once u have two average walls in the way.

Also 20MHz doesnt that mean that its in CB RADIO range and hence will probably fall over with every lorry passing, especially if they cranked the output power as most do.

431.8.2007 16:09

Yeah, Tesla was onto something, but I'm sure that it never got corporate funding or sponsorship due to lack of a good way to make money from it.

What is best for the people is not always best for those with the pockets to make it happen.

531.8.2007 23:55

Originally posted by Unfocused:
Yeah, Tesla was onto something, but I'm sure that it never got corporate funding or sponsorship due to lack of a good way to make money from it.

What is best for the people is not always best for those with the pockets to make it happen.
Actually, old Nikola was funded, originally working for Edison he provided the concept of alternating current and designed generators and motors etc to work with the new AC power.

He then left edison due to a large disagreement over which was better AC or DC and sought direct funding from a wealthy gent called Mr Westinghouse, who had a fairly long financial agreement with Nokola.

They showed that Tesla's AC design was far superior and safer than edisons DC current, despite attempts to discredit Nikola from Edison by electricuting all sort of animals and even a person with high voltage AC current trying to scare people in new york.

Tesla and Westing house made the name Westing house the biggest name in electricity.

They also installed the AC generators at niagra, which are still used today.

So he had the funding well initially.

Westinghouse gave him some money to build his lab at wardenclyffe, the initial breif/agreement was to produce a system of wireless communication..... tesla went so much further..

His competitors, one of them being Marconi (its worth remembering that its been suggested that marconi stole/copied his design) had sent a message across the english channel, Westinghouse worried by this went to Tesla. Who in response made the worlds first remote controlled and battery powered boat, which had 4 independant signals operating it, instead of just one signal used by marconi to send his message.

Tesla argued his system far far superior and would allow message to be distributed anywhere in the world so Westinghouse let him continue.

However through a number of events Tesla starts to let slip his real intention for his new project was not the transmission of messages and was instead for the wireless transmission of power. Having explained this to Westinghouse, he explained you would be able to set down a receiver anywhere in the world and would be able to receive power. Westinghouse, probably feeling a little betrayed by only finding out what tesla had really been doing with his money at such a late date and the main reason being that without a system of controlled distribution they had no way to monitor peoples use let alone know who was using it.

Without being able to see a cost effective model in there westinghouse pulled all funds... tesla then tries to raise funds by going round the world trying to sell his idea.

However he then starts to tell people he can use his system for shooting at invaiders with high energy beams and born is the first ever DEATH RAY. However with no takers he returns home, the lab was let go due to a lack of funding and tesla winds up spending his remaining days penny less and living in a hotel room.

However on his death everyone start to become really intrested in his designs again, its speculated that russia managed to get most of the important documents with the americans mostly ending up with what was left behind.

Spin forward to the present day, the entire world runs on teslas AC power design, flourcent lights and much more.....

... how much more is the current day tesla enigma.

It just goes to show ..... if you have something thats going to make the world a better place but its not going to make you or anyone around you any money, you are either better off giving into the greed and make a mint or keep quite until its to late and theres no stopping you.

Just think if tesla was left with funding and could have completed his work, we would have a very diffirent world today...

... just think a world where people would not be fighting over the worlds natural resources and maybe we wouldnt be completely screwing over our planet as well.

How about Charles Garrett, the inventor of the Electrolytic Carburetor which ran a car on water in america in 1932.

61.9.2007 14:35

Good info. I wasn't aware of all the details, thanks.

79.9.2007 23:14

Thats pretty impressive stats :)

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