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HD DVD vendors drop prices in Europe

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Sep 2007 5:24 User comments (3)

HD DVD vendors drop prices in Europe HD DVD vendors are dropping prices to heat up competition with the rival Blu-ray disc optical format in Europe. The HD DVD Promotional Group said on Friday that European consumers could expect to find a range of entry-level players priced around the 300 mark. The announcement was made by the HD DVD Promotional Group at a news conference held at the IFA international consumer electronics show in Berlin.
According to Oliver Van Wynendaele, a manager in Toshiba's HD DVD group, the new prices are nearly half of what many entry models already cost in Europe. Venturer Electronics, a CE company based in Canada, will launch its SHD-7000 player at around 300 next month, while Toshiba will offer its HD-EP30 model for around 350 (and will also include five free discs), Van Wynendaele said.

Additionally, Toshiba will begin loading its notebook PCs with HD DVD drives in the fourth quarter, according to Yoshihide Fujii, the company's corporate senior vice president.

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3 user comments

11.9.2007 5:28

The actual quote was "300 or less".

The current UK price for the Toshiba HD E1 is 200/300 so it's unlikely in the extreme that this Venturer will be the same price as that.

21.9.2007 18:36

Even at this price i still won't get one until one format wins.

310.9.2007 0:32

here we go again back and forth yet again.

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