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iTunes attempts to block free ringtones

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Sep 2007 19:49 User comments (3)

iTunes attempts to block free ringtones When Apple Inc. announced support to create custom ringtones for the iPhone using iTunes this week, the company was referring literally only to songs from the iTunes music store. An update that the company put out attempted to block users from using free custom ringtones and syncing them with an iPhone. However, it wasn't long until a workaround was found (convert free audio clip to AAC, rename to .m4r and play with iTunes).
However, users reported that after installing the iTunes 7.4.1 update, this workaround no longer worked, meaning Apple deliberately has tried to block it. A post on Engadget however, showed that after repeating the older steps like before, and renaming the .m4r file to .m4a, when plugging in an iPhone the file will be added to your syncable ringtones list without an error message it had been showing before.

Getting ringtones from the iTunes store costs 99c.

Yahoo (Macworld)

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3 user comments

18.9.2007 21:27

heres a novel thought apple; forget the itunes media profits and just think how many people would buy your hardware and how much money you would make if you focused as much effort on making USEABLE hardware as you did on thinking up ways to lock down your devises and nickel and dime your customers to death.

210.9.2007 12:37

Apparently free no longer means free.

No wonder why people pirate music.

311.9.2007 2:09

this is just a update from the new products from apple for the phone. However i am sure u could get free ringtones and u can use itunes.

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