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Warner's Total HD put on 'hold'

Written by James Delahunty @ 15 Sep 2007 7:24 User comments (4)

Warner's Total HD put on 'hold' When Warner showed off its Total HD disc at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year, it seemed to be a good short term solution for consumers while the format war is on-going. However, the discs, which are compatible with both Blu-ray players and HD DVD players, have been put on "hold" for the time being with no release date in sight.
In January, Warner talked about getting the discs out to consumers as early as mid-2007, but a delay pushed Total HD back to early 2008. Now the early 2008 release aim has been revoked and the disc has no release date. "We're concerned that as the only one publishing on it, it would be hard to make it go," Warner Home Video president Ron Sanders told TWICE magazine.

There have been rumors that Warner is currently deciding to go exclusive with either HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc. While Sanders confirmed separate discussions, he seemed to indicate that the movie studio will be supporting both formats for a while and will have titles out for both during the holiday season.

"We're talking to both sides and it's crazy right now," said Sanders. "We remain committed to both for the time being. We'll see how the fourth quarter plays out. The consumer is still kind of divided, and we still believe that we should offer the content in both formats. Now, we will watch the marketplace very closely, and see how it plays out, but for now we are supporting both."

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4 user comments

116.9.2007 15:15

Total HD = Flipper disc. do you know which side of the disc is blu-ray? Different dye? Anyways people generally hate flippers.

216.9.2007 17:11

What are the bets after a decent & suitable interval they go exclusive.......HD DVD exclusive just like Viacome/Paramount did (cos the additional BD costs Viacom/Paramount cited are hardly going to be unique only to them).


316.9.2007 18:19

flipper discs = no eating whiles wacthing movies = more expensive

418.9.2007 04:36

To me this is just saying that they want to keep this up their sleve for later it seems.

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