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RD&IP aim to reduce costs of FED and SED

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2007 19:46 User comments (2)

RD&IP aim to reduce costs of FED and SED RD&IP, L.L.C. is aiming to provide technology that will cut manufacturing costs of FED and the troubled SED display technology significantly. The technology is described in U.S. Patent Application No. 20070146241 and in an international patent application under Patent Cooperation Treaty.
RD&IP's technology enables FED and SED televisions to be manufactured with a variety of less expensive cathode materials and types. The technology adjusts the output of the cathodes by monitoring the emission current from each cathode in real time.

With this technology, almost any kinds of cathodes can be used in making display panels that have image quality as good as display panels made from carbon nano-tube (CNT) cathodes. In addition, if very cheap manufacturing processes for any kind of cathode are developed in the future, this technology can be combined with the cheaper processes to make high-quality FED/SED televisions.

Due to legal disputes over SED television technology, the promising bright powerful displays promised at the 2006 consumer electronics show has been evasive to the market.

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2 user comments

17.10.2007 13:47

So in other words if your FED or SED tv gets to hot it degrades picture quality. No thanks i want picture quality over hair loss.

think about it who really cares about radiation leaking out of the tube. when i walk out side im pounded by radio waves so what the deffernce.

218.10.2007 17:15

Well this is only good if the reduce the cost to the consumers as well. :)

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