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Swarmcast awarded video delivery patent

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Oct 2007 18:14 User comments (2)

Swarmcast awarded video delivery patent Swarmcast announced that it has been awarded US Patent 7,277,950, which Swarmcast is referring to as the "File Swarming Patent." The pioneering patent, authored by Swarmcast founder and CEO Justin Chapweske in 2000 and entitled "Packet Transfer Mechanism Over a Peer-to-Peer Network," describes file swarming, which is a class of data transfer technology whereby data is broken up, distributed to other sources and then reassembled at an endpoint.
These core algorithms form the foundation of many common modes of next-generation network data transfer, including peer-to-peer, grid content delivery and multi-source streaming. File swarming provides the ability to harness unused network capacity by distributing and exchanging small pieces of data between servers, network routers or personal computers.

"The File Swarming Patent contributes a powerful concept to computer science knowledge. It is the first system to approach the mathematical bounds of efficient utilization of the capacity of a complex network. It reflects Swarmcast's expertise and thought-leadership in the field of Internet content delivery and is a major milestone in the company's history," said Justin Chapweske, founder and CEO of Swarmcast.

Justin added: "We're raising the standard of online content delivery to make the Internet a truly viable video distribution medium. This patent gives content providers a solid technological foundation upon which to build their Internet video businesses." Multi-source streaming enables the delivery of full-screen, live and on-demand Internet video in HD quality to global audiences over standard broadband.

The patent includes 139 claims and is enforceable for a period of 15 years, 24 days from the date it was issued, October 2, 2007.

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2 user comments

18.10.2007 18:23

Nice!Although 15 years is quite a lot of time for this patent...

218.10.2007 17:33

Well this just sounds like a lot of crap to me.

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